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Premium auto brand Exeed to roll into Oman

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MUSCAT: Premium auto brand Exeed will roll into Oman, with the company reportedly in talks with leading automobile groups for distributorship here. On March 13, 2022, the Exeed brand media release has been successfully arranged in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia marking the official landing in the Gulf markets for the first time.

Up to now, Exeed is launched successfully in China and Middle East market, which is well-received by both local and regional customers.

As an independent premium brand, Exeed is a new entrant in the global high-end automobile market. It inherits the essence of the century-old European automobile industry and incorporates the latest intelligent technologies from China, to build all the new models up to international standards with global vision to deliver quality Chinese products to the world.

The European R&D centre of Exeed, located in Munich, Germany, brings in a team of hundreds of competent and experienced designers from BMW, JLR and other top international brands.

Thanks to the profound experience accumulation of these European automobile masters, a pure European high-end fashion and the design concepts of future cars are given full play.

Due to the collaboration with JLR, Exeed’s R&D and manufacturing system, the company have reached new heights. As a premium automobile designed for global consumers, Exeed has withstood extreme natural conditions across the world. Whether it is in freezing temperatures of -50 degrees Celsius in Siberia, scorching temperatures of 55 degrees Celsius in the Middle East, or crossing the South American plateau, each field test was monitored by experts from both sides. Besides, ensure that the quality of the product ranking at the top of the world.

Exeed also drew lessons from JLR manufacturing processes to sustain its high-end and luxurious quality.

Based on deep insight into global consumers and rapid upgrading of their demands, Exeed is extraordinarily good at targeting these differentiated demands, thus being credited as a brand created by global consumers. F

or instance, targeting winter conditions in Russia, Exeed is equipped with an all-round heating package that leads the market; aiming at the hot weather in Oman, Exeed adds the rear air outlet and an electrodeless fan to cool the engine; considering numerous ramps in South America plateau regions, which put higher demands on the power system, Exeed adopts a high-speed ratio gearbox to increase the torque.

With the essence of the centennial history of the European automobile industry forming the bedrock, Exeed creates its architecture by integrating the latest intelligent technologies of China.

Exeed s global R&D centre and top partners, including Magna, Bentler, Getrag and BorgWarner, jointly build an intelligent and modular automobile architecture that covering A to C class sedans, SUV, CROSS, MPV and new energy automobiles.

Exeed’s proprietary architecture is powered by a 2.0TGDI engine with 400N•m peak torque.

Its fourth-generation electrical architecture serves as the foundation for L2.5 and higher levels of autonomous driving with a cage energy-absorbing capsule body, six-position airbags, and 12 top class ADAS features. Exeed earned a five-star+ safety rating in C-NCAP crash tests, setting a new C-NCAP record.

Exeed’s brand connotation is transcendence and exploration, which represents the transcendence of ourselves and the exploration of limits, as well as the continuous breakthrough of new premium automobile experience.

After Exeed’s entering into Oman, we believe that local consumers will enjoy a premium driving experience beyond perception.

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