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Summertime family getaway tips: Rent a floating chalet

The harsh summer sun is finally upon us making it challenging to find an outdoor adventure that doesn't include overexposure to heat. As has been proven over the years, the beach is definitely one of the best places to enjoy summer adventures and the same trend is to be expected this year more so that there are lesser restrictions now surrounding Covid19 prevention compared to the previous couple of years.

Parents for sure are racking their brains for an activity that the family can do together and our recent trip to the floating chalet of Khor Jarama may just be the answer you're looking for.

Located almost 250 km from Muscat towards the city of Sur passing through the Khor al Batah Bridge and before reaching Ras al Hadd is Khor Jarama.

In this coastal village surrounded by mountains on one side and the intimidating Arabian Sea on the other, the Floating Chalet is a family-friendly option in which you can balance fun activities on salty water while having the beautiful option of being under the shade to do fishing.

During our recent visit, we reached Khor Jarama at around 1 pm, headed towards the floating pier the locals had made to help service their fishing boats. Our boatman was waiting for us on a speed boat that took us towards the middle of the Khor where the chalets are strategically spread apart.

After nearly 10 minutes of navigating the calm emerald waters of the khor, we reached the chalet that we'd rented for the night. There are several chalets to choose from including two-storied chalets that came with several bedrooms, a kitchen, a washroom and a balcony.

The one we booked was a 4-bedroom chalet where a family of up to 15 can be easily accommodated. The best part of the chalet is the upper deck where one can decide to enjoy the view in the majlis sitting area or choose the poolside chairs overlooking the sea.

While the chalets are right at the water, the mountains surrounding the khor kept the chalets protected from strong wind and waves. Hence, it creates a great opportunity for the family to enjoy fishing and snorkelling or just swimming just outside of the chalet. Some of us preferred to sit back on the upper deck of the chalet and enjoyed one of the beautiful sunsets. The melting sun in the sea and the ray of the golden hour created a beautiful aura around us.

The owner of the chalet, Ahmed, mentioned that “All the chalets are equipped with the basic facilities such as gas, water (the chalets are equipped with large reservoirs where water are filled on regular basis) for washing, bathing and toilets purposes including stoves and cooking utensils in the kitchen.”

Most importantly, the chalets also come fully equipped with BBQ setup at the upper deck where we spent most of our time hanging out.

While Ahmed and his team can arrange for food services while in the chalet on an early booking basis, many of their guests prefer to bring their own cooking ingredients as the chalets are perfect for a camping getaway by the water.

For our stay, we decided to bring our own food and have barbeque, something that parents and kids bonded over.

As the night became darker, the stars also became clearer and the soft waves became music to our ears.

The chalet we were on was beautifully decorated and lit with fairy lights. After the dinner, we spent a few hours exchanging stories and eventually, the breeze also became a bit chillier. Some decided to sleep in the room where linens and blankets were made available.

The light sound of birds and sea waves woke us up the next day. The room we were in was all glass all over and soft light was streaming through the curtains. Upon opening the curtains, the beautiful khor with all the traditional dhow and other floating chalets in the distance was a beautiful view to look at that personally, I think, it was one of the selling points of the property.

After a hearty breakfast prepared by Ahmed and his team which we requested the day before, the boatman picked us up hours before noon and we were dropped by the pier towards our cars.

A one night trip on the floating chalet would be an absolutely refreshing experience and surprisingly, is something that would fit the needs of families with children.

Ahmed shared that they have multiple chalets to choose from and have smaller ones for smaller families. He added that they can also decorate for romantic getaways and can even prepare rides like jet skis and other adventures if the guests request other fun activities at an extra cost.

Bookings and inquiries can be made via Ahmed's Instagram at @floating_chalet or by calling +96899144111.

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