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Being alone with Allah in Ramadhan


Life distracts us, or we may be distracted by the crowdedness of family or professional obligations. We forget our souls that are exhausted from fatigue, and each of us has fatigue according to his/her journey in this life. The spiritual energy doubles in Ramadhan which gives us a chance to renew our souls. The most important is to strengthen our emotional and spiritual sides by being closer to Allah.

The counsellor Mohammed Saleh Alduhaim will help us simplify the concept of being alone with Allah in Ramadhan with all peace and tranquillity.

In his spiritual truth, a person longs for the emotional solitude in which he receives Allah’s light and feels calm.

“The emotional seclusion is a subjective experience that aims to do two things: first, purification of the soul, which begins with resting the body and ridding it of stress. As well as the spiritual sports with Azkar and silence which is reflected in the psychological strength, where the soul expands instead of shrinking due to physical and intellectual exhaustion,” he said.

He added “The second point lies in the luminous reception where the one who is devoted to Allah, the lights of Allah descend upon him with gentleness and stillness, and surround him by Allah mercy. Allah said in the Holy Qur’an (33:43): “He it is Who sends blessings on you, as do His angels, that He may bring you out from the depths of Darkness into Light: And He is Full of Mercy To the Believers.”

The first essence of worshipping Allah is heartfelt recognition of the divine greatness and based on that basis, people are differing in what makes their hearts oriented and connected to the divine greatness.

Referring to the Qur’anic verses and Prophet’s guidance, the beauty of being alone is reflected in dhikr and silence. The dhikr varies between reading the Qur’an, glorifying Allah and praising.

“Silence has a beautiful effect on seclusion, where the intended silence is an inner emotional silence sensing the divine greatness, Quranic verses, names and lordship actions. Thus, it is clear that by silence we do not mean merely silence that is permeated with thoughts and obsessions. The sign of spiritual silence is that it accompanies relaxation, and it occurs in its beautiful taste of worship, the place of worship and rituals.” he shared.

Some people are burdened in their solitude with Allah, so they exaggerate in performing acts of worship, which lacks the spiritual value that elevates them in their seclusion. Allah denied us burden ourselves, saying in the Holy Qur’an (2:286): “On no soul does Allah place a burden greater than it can bear.”

“The one who puts pressure on himself and shoves the ease in heavy programming led to boredom or discontinuation, and the strange thing is that these people eventually become known to themselves! while what a person wants is to know his Lord,” he said.

“Therefore, they should remember the divine majesty and beauty and they can multiply: Glory and praise in the majestic and aesthetic names of Allah. Meditate the aesthetic divine actions such as creation, sustenance, giving and grace, blessing, kindness, deliverance, tenderness and closeness. Many blessings and peace be upon my master, the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, Allah has made him mercy. Getting used to smiling and being happy. Practising gentle physical exercises that give the body flexibility and gentleness.” He said.

One of the etiquettes of being alone with Allah is glorification. Glorying to Allah opens the hearts to supreme secrets. Whenever the persons find in his heart longing for greatness, this is a blessed conquest that has become clear to him, so he should bear witness to that, a great blessing.

All times are beautiful to be alone with Allah in Ramadhan, but the nighttime is clearer and stronger. We find in the Holy Qur’an (73:2): “Stand (to prayer) by night, but not all night”. “The beginning of the night is the key, and the middle of the night is the warmth and the end of the night is the ascension of the Self,” Alduhaim shared.

He pointed out “We have to correct some concepts about the self, as it is prevalent among some of the educated that the soul is evil and weak. The correct view is that Allah is the creator of this soul, and he is beautiful and loves beauty, he created us in the best alignment, straightening the soul, and instilling it with goodness.”

There is a difference between the one who deals with himself as weak or inferior, and those who deal with himself as a sweetheart who desires kindness and closeness, the former will show him the skills of difficulty and cruelty. While the second will deal with spiritual skills, as he sees that Allah is an effective Guide. He loves the believers and is kind to them. So, it appears to this person nice things that he did not make it, but Allah guided him to it, and he follows it. And finally, whoever defines himself with love will find joy, longing and an amazing flow from it” he added.

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