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Conquering caves and peaks and making a business out of it


Oman landscapes have always been a source of inspiration for adventurers. One of those outdoor enthusiasts is Ahmed Al-Ghawas, an Omani adventurer, who, in the span of a few years, had been the pioneer in promoting adventures that involve conquering peaks.

This passion for climbing and investigating new unique locations has grown rapidly, therefore Ahmed has taken his passion seriously. As Ahmed started to post his adventures via different social media platforms, he soon realized their significance in actively promoting tourism in Oman.

"Whenever we visit places and upload them on social media, we always get inquiries about those places," Ahmed said.

This would eventually prompt Ahmed to pursue his passion and experience by launching his own adventures-organising business.

“This step has its crucial impact on making connections with others, locally, regionally, and internationally”, he shared.

“I am always keen to capture and encapsulate the different Omani landscapes that are characterized by its magical terrain, which cannot be found elsewhere easily,” Ahmed pointed out.

Ahmed's destinations orientation is towards waterfalls, caves, mountains, and wadis (valleys) since they are appealing to others, especially foreigners. Each adventure played a critical role in shaping Ahmed’s personality and sharpening his character, “in every adventure I go through I discover new aspects in my personality”, Ahmed said.

Ahmed’s biggest challenge that somehow hinders his journey as an adventurer was his family and friends’ concerns.

“They are always worried about the high potential of risks I am exposed to, which has been a hinder to my passion towards adventures and experiences”, Ahmed said. His aspiration is to widen his reputation as an Omani adventurer and to promote the adventure-tourism in Oman. As well as attract new customers from all around the world.

Ensuring security is a crucial demand Ahmed is always keen about when preparing for any new adventure, as he is susceptible to any dangerous situations. By checking all the equipment needed in, tracking the latest meteorological news, preparing the first-aid kit and providing rescuing equipment; all of which are essential necessities for a safe adventure Ahmed is always committed to doing. Ahmed indicated that Oman is a well-recommended country for adventurers to experience an unforgettable authentic activity and to enjoy the embracement of the mesmerizing sceneries. The wide range of destinations creates myriad choices for adventurers to choose the appropriate for them. Oman’s nature has been always a favourite spot for tourists as it has all kinds of adventurous destinations; these factors play a major role in attracting tourists, generally, and adventurers, specifically.

If you are interested in adventurous experiences visit Ahmed's business account on Instagram: Salalah_explore

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