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Travelling across Oman to shed light on its beauty


Photographer Firaz Hamza has fallen in love with travelling all over Oman. As somebody who loves composing great photos, he feels that Oman offers a lot of beautiful options — from the naked mountains to stunning deserts and beautiful beaches and wadis. He answered three questions to explain a little bit more about his passion.

Which place in Oman do you think is underrated and why do you love this place.

Al Bustan Beach is always on my top list for photography as it gives me surprising moments when I visit each time. I would say there are many people who are still not aware of this beautiful beach which has a unique blue village. It’s one of the countable beaches where we see Oman’s beauty and culture is deep-rooted. The mesmerizing sunrise & pleasant voice of waves and birds is witness to the elegance of Oman.

As a photographer, what genre of photography do you specialise on and why? How does Oman fit into your passion for photography?

My genre is travel photography since I am a hodophile who loves travelling to different places every weekend, especially by long road/off-road drives. Oman is one of the most enriched countries with natural wonders that many have yet to discover. I always had a unique and vibrant experience while travelling to different places including amazing beaches, picturesque mountains, Cultural villages, Sand dunes, water-filled wadis and so on. We can say, the beauty of Oman is just like a surprise-filled world with hidden gems. Each and every location in Oman is so photogenic which inspired me to follow my passion and travel more to capture the best moments. As a hodophile, I can say - what happens inside your mind can happen inside a camera, I wish to explore more and capture each and every part of Oman inside my camera.

What has been your favourite photo you captured so far and why?

Flip Diving of a boy in Wadi Bani Khalid. Diving is always an exciting and amusing moment and my favourite photo is of a child who is doing fabulous flip diving, no less than an adult. A child can always teach us to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something. Looking at such photography reminds anyone of the golden memories of their childhood and those cherished moments they had where there was no pressure of life, but only joyful moments.

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