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How do we live a life with happiness?


Every human being all over the planet is running through the world looking for happiness. Who, after all, doesn't want a happy life right?

Sometimes we even think of happiness as something that happens to us. We look at happiness as something which we have no control over and whenever we see other people finding their joy, we usually go through a series of self-reflections often saying to ourselves: If only things were different, I’d be happy!

Is this really how happiness really works, or does it depend on the condition of the person!

In fact, part of happiness depends on personality. Do we not sometimes see that there are individuals whose nature and character bring happiness, while at other times you see people born with an angry character, who see the faults in people and situations instead of the good and you are surprised by their gloomy mood rather than joy. However, I find that they can change if they wish to be happier and yes; there is no doubt there is hope to get there.

What I mean honestly here is that happiness is up to us! It depends on things that are actually under our control. Surely a big part of how happy we are depends on our mindset, the habits we practice and the way we live every day... isn’t that a reality?

On other hand, we should always stick to positive emotions in our lives, such as joy, humour, empathy, thanks and love, as they do good things for our brains and bodies, especially since they also reduce stress hormones and help relieve anxiety and depression. But at the same time, I think that we must learn how to also manage our negative emotions because they are in one way or another the key to happiness and here when we are aware of all this, we will definitely make the difference.

However, it is true that our lives as human beings are busy with daily activities and responsibilities, but slowing down to pay attention to what we do sometimes is important to feel happy, especially since those moments may not be repeated. Therefore, it is good for the individual to pay attention to the effects of his actions and notice the ways in which they occur That’s the difference. Off course, he doesn’t forget to live his life, on the basis of the values that interest him.

Thus, when our lives are rich in positive emotions, wonderful relationships and a sense of purpose, for instance, we are ready to get things done and thus we are happy.

In the end, you can possibly learn how to be happier by managing your mind, calming your mind, using your strengths and doing the things you enjoy. But on the other hand – if I can say – remember that there are a lot of things to think about! You cannot process them all at once. Instead, it is nice to start with habits that fit your day for example, without thinking about them too much. Perhaps, in the end, you may end up achieving specific goals, even if they are small, but certainly can create your happiness.

Dr Yousuf Ali Al Mulla is a physician, a medical innovator and a writer

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