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Dhofar is a bird lover’s paradise

Oman is one of the best places in the Middle East for birdwatching. Every year, hundreds of thousands of birds visit different parts of the country to feed while others are only making a quick stop before they proceed to the next part of their flight.

From the mangroves forest of Muscat, to the pristine shores of Masirah and Barr al Hikman to the breezy shores of Dhofar, some parts of the year is a season to a specific bird including birds of prey.

We reached out to hobbyist and photographer Thamer Salim Bait Hbdah to share a few of his photos on some of Salalah’s most frequent avian visitors.

“I usually take photos at the lake next to Daharez Beach. This place is a feeding ground for a lot of different birds but whenever I’m in this place, I love to take photos of flamingoes,” Thamer said.

“It takes some special skills to get decent shots of these birds. Those who are into birdwatching knows that you only have a moment to take the right photo. The most difficult to control is the background especially if the birds keep on moving. To take good photos means waiting for that perfect timing. Sometimes, you can take a lot but it’s not the one you wanted. It’s all about playing with the birds and waiting for the right moment to capture them,” he added.

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