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Think twice and roll the dice...


It is everyone’s wish to have a happy and an easy life with a decent standard of living. This is a dream being chased differently by all, striving to make it happen. While some are in a rush trying to cut the journey short, others are pursuing their dreams steadily and wisely. That is why people are taking different approaches and directions when driving towards their destinations! One has to live through the worst parts of life, so he/she never take the best parts for granted.

Possibly, it is a matter of chasing their dreams based on setting their priorities in life. After all, it is one’s personal decision and approach that serves getting things done! As far as career is concerned, there are people who always explore new opportunities, so they change their professions every now and then. This is their perception on how they would gain more experience and acquire more knowledge. In contrast, there are those job-seekers who are striving to get a job just for the sake of making a living and start their career.

On the contrary, there are those elderly people who already had enough of experience, challenges and struggles in life. Thus, their only concern at this time of life is to retire and have a peace of mind after all those years of employment.

Every human being has a different interest and struggle that concerns them. The employed ones are not happy with what they are currently doing to make a living. Therefore, they regard life is unfair as they have not had the good opportunities like others as they assume. For the job-seekers, life has not been reasonable for not getting good job opportunities they have been dreaming for!

To the retired or about to retire people, some regret the old days they have sacrificed without compensating themselves. Likewise, they may not be so happy with the reimbursement they get in return for their retirement. Probably, the retirees might believe that the end-of-service benefits and compensation is not what they wanted to get.

Depending on each one’s behaviour, attitudes and mindsets are being formed accordingly. However, each regards life is challenging them and being unjust to them. All that one should keep in mind is that one’s fortune relies on luck and fate of what he/she gets in life. Everyone should have some faith and satisfaction to accept what he/she is being bestowed. Rather, it is human nature that they would never be happy with whatever they get; they are greedy to get more and more.

This is not always the case with people, but sometimes they come to a stage of depression or disappointment due to an unpleasant incident or a failure that they have experienced. People’s feelings are mostly behind different attitudes and beliefs they express in different situations. Sometimes they blame their colleagues, friends or family members for whatever emotions or attitudes they have. Not only that, but they attribute that others are being unfair to them and are the reason behind their failures or disappointments at work or personal life, for instance!

Regardless of what happens, it is only us who will face the music whether we accept it or not. Therefore, we should look at the positive side of whatever we experience; there is always a learning lesson behind it. We will get it sooner or later, so let’s all be positive of every challenge we experience and take the lessons instead. Hence, never ever put the key of your own happiness in someone else’s pocket; it is always under your control to be whoever you want to be! Just think twice when making a decision and roll the dice towards the right direction!

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