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Bait Al Zubair Participates in Muscat Book Fair 2022 with major publications


Encyclopedias "Oman since time immemorial" and "Oman Mountains" in Bait Al Zubair's booth

Cultural and literary publications by Bait Al Zubair Foundation and Baz Publishing

Various titles from the Moroccan publications of Dar Toubkal

Bait Al Zubair Foundation and Baz Publishing announced the availability of the encyclopedias "Oman since time immemorial" and "Oman's Mountains" in Bait Al Zubair's booth at the Book Fair (3C 7-8). The two encyclopedias were launched last year at the National Museum and the Royal Opera House Muscat. They were prepared under the supreme directives of the late Sultan, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, may God rest his soul. The Encyclopedia of "Oman since time immemorial" is located in four large volumes that tell the illustrated history of Oman since 7,000 years, while the Encyclopedia of "Mountains of Oman" is located in three large volumes that provide scientific and illustrated documentation of the mountains in Oman.

In the current season of the Muscat International Book Fair 2022, Bait Al Zubair Foundation presents several books in various fields in cooperation with Baz Publishing, through which it seeks to provide an intensive dose of cultural and literary knowledge to its visitors. While Baz announced the release of the book "Al-Wali Ismail", which tells the biography of Governor Ismail bin Khalil Al-Rasasi, which was researched and edited by Dr. Muhammad bin Hamad Al-Araimi, in addition to an art book by the artist Saud Al-Hanini.

The publications of the Bait Al Zubair Foundation in culture, art, heritage, and philosophy are also available, in order to consolidate the approach taken by the Foundation by contributing to knowledge production and consolidating its identity by working on issuing quality books in various fields of culture. Bait Al Zubair booth holds signature ceremonies for a number of these publications.

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