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Fish consumption in Oman higher than world average

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The Sultanate of Oman is among four countries where fish consumption is higher than the world average of 20.5 kilograms per capita annually.

According to a new report by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, Qatar, Egypt and the UAE are the other three countries where fish consumption is higher than other countries in the region.

“All countries of the Near East and North Africa have access to marine areas, and thus fish and marine products constitute a major source of livelihood and nutrition in the region”, the report points out.

steadily increasing

While the average consumption is steadily increasing, the report reveals that it is still low at 12 kilograms per capita annually in most countries. However, the world per capita consumption of fish paints a slightly different picture.

Even as the report warns of climate change which will significantly affect fisheries in the region, it projects that global seafood consumption will reach a level of 21.5 kilograms per capita in 2030.

“The Arabian Sea is among the regions that will witness the highest projected increase in temperatures and lower rainfall by the end of the century, where expectations in the event of high gas emissions indicate an increase in temperatures at an average rate of four degrees, and a 40 per cent decrease in precipitation’’, the report warns.

Through 2030, this will increase in all regions except Africa, which will experience a decline of 3 per cent.

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