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The pandemic and normalcy of life!

The pandemic has always been a deceptive behavioural spectacle for individuals to spread among them and move around. But now, it is as if we are all — if I may say so — walking on an isthmus between islands of dread and fear and the mainland still out of sight!

However, the truth is at every point along this continuous period and over the past two years, some people are still trying to reduce the risk as much as they can and in one way or another we are all trying to make decisions for ourselves, while every pandemic choice still affects us all at once.

Perhaps the best step at present is not to dive into a miserable hole without continuing to adhere to health-protective measures. Not to mention that, is better not to give up and remain motionless, as binary as our options may sometimes seem, it’s possible to undo some of the ruthlessness of a pandemic while helping it reach a less disastrous end. Undoubtedly, social communication and enjoying things on a personal level, we do not compromise with the health of society!

At the very least, our basic infection prevention model has not changed! At this point, many people can read the rules in their sleep! Outdoors are better than indoors and smaller gatherings are better than large ones: Masks, ventilation, tests, vaccinations and distance can all be safe.

However, the possibility of a small or a large risk still depends greatly on the circumstances, for instance, luck in being healthy and young. It is, therefore, useful to always remind ourselves of the potential benefit that small actions can do: for those who can, wear a mask, take a test, or reduce gatherings. Aren’t you with me that it doesn’t take much when we consider the reasons in exchange for the protection that others might get?

In the end, if we are truly heading into a low-number cooldown, this is the time to get ready — to come to a mutual understanding about taking risks wisely, choosing delightful things wisely and distributing protection as widely and equitably as possible. Of course, during a pandemic, there will always be a loss: sickness, death, avoidance and limitations. But in light of this crisis, we must be aware of our collective opportunity to take care of each other! The next phase of the pandemic should not revolve around what we cannot do, but rather focus on how to restore normalcy with each other, as individuals in this community.

Dr Yousuf Ali Al Mulla is a physician, medical innovator and writer.

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