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Safe & Healthy


Living with Covid-19 for more than two years has changed people’s perception of life.

From what would have been career growth and achievements to bucket lists, people have moved on to the zone of practicalities and specifically ‘health’.

There have always been health-conscious individuals, but not this much thought was given to safety.

There might be mixed responses to the protocol of pandemic. Still, predominantly individuals have become accustomed to perceiving facial masks and hand sanitisers as part of the safety routine.

In the very first month of the year 2022, the Arabian Research Bureau, an Omani market research, analytics, and consulting company in Sultanate of Oman and GCC countries, conducted a poll on its own and associates social media accounts from January 9 to 16, 2022 with the question — “What would be your Top priority in 2022?”

The options were ‘Get a better job’, ‘Earn more money’, ‘Stay safe and healthy’ or ‘Others’ with an opportunity to comment further on the priority. Speaking to the Observer an official from the Arabian Research Bureau explained, “The objective was to comprehend the priorities in the current situation in terms of better jobs, more money, health and safety, and other factors.”

The poll, which saw most of the respondents from the Sultanate of Oman, clearly indicated that the majority of the people felt the top priority should be staying safe and healthy.

Forty per cent of the respondents chose to stay safe and healthy as the top priority as Omicron gained momentum and Coronavirus returned to its position as the world’s topmost concern. Twenty-nine per cent of the participants want to have a better job, and 27 per cent want to make more money. However, four per cent expressed that they have other matters as ‘top’ priority.

Established in 2003, the Arabian Research Bureau’s survey had close to 700 people responding in the eight-day survey.

According to the organisation, high-quality data with the support of a wide range of advanced statistical analysis such as Statistical Models Detect, Prediction and Forecasting, Explorative Analysis, and Data Mining, in addition to discovering hidden patterns of the data and using advanced and technology-oriented analysis can be of at most importance for strategic and informed decisions &

better ROI.


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