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A jewellery designer reflecting modernity

Her special touch converts stones into jewellery and when she works aesthetically on them they become fashion statements making many others to follow her. She keeps a vast range of ideas and offers customised designs suiting to individuals’ personalities.

Sara al Lawati has blurred the boundaries of fine jewellery. Her passion in creating pieces has resulted in jewellery that is crafted in luxurious metals, vivid and high-quality gemstones and twinkle them with a heavy dose of diamond accents. Sara has pushed through to become a new

wave of jewellery designer, creating collections that weave together old-world techniques with modern technology.

Deep down, Sara gives uniquely local touch that makes her unique Omani jewellery designer. She believes one day she would be part of the world of jewellery, the dream she grew up with since her family work in the same profession. She went on to complete her Master’s degree in Financial Analysis at University of New South Wales in Australia, and launched her brand in 2018.

“After gaining a rich practical experience for about eight years in my job, I started to work in jewellery business and opened my own project in gold and diamond jewellery. I made my own page on Instagram to promote for my collection,” Sara said.

Sarah welcomes her customers in her private office to display her collection or to work on her customers’ designs. “These steps helped me to understand the market as well as to create a future vision for my project and work on this basis,” Sara added. Her collection is a must-have for any woman who wants to update her fine jewellery wardrobe with pieces that can still mix easily yet offer a high dose of fashion and the longevity to live on past the trends.

She did not choose “Sarah Jewels” name for her project randomly. One of the most important reasons for linking the brand name to her name is creating a direct link between the owner of the project and the product or service that been provided.

“This linkage plays a great role for the customer in terms of trust in dealing with the project owner. It also gives the project owner the sense of responsibility and concern to provide the best,” she pointed out. Sara has faced numerous challenges in different phases of her project, but still the complexity of procedures with the competent authorities was a big challenge for her. Jewellery domain combines art, flair and garnish, which generated my passion in this field.”

I’m almost certain that the metal of gold itself has a great role in the energy and psyche of human, so how is it if it is an essential part of daily life,” she said. Diamonds and precious stones are the main items that Sara uses in designing jewellery crafted with gold for women and platinum for men. She loves the designs that combine diamonds as the most expensive precious stones with other gems. She is also keen to use the finest types of gems and implement special designs for her clients as they desire.

Gems give a special touch to jewellery; cutting stones method plays a big role aesthetically. There are other dimensions for precious stones related to energy, science and astronomy. “I love the designs that combine diamonds as the most expensive precious stones with other gems,” she said.

Her philosophy of design is simplicity, clarity and quality. These three elements make the difference. “I love to believe that all my clients can understand the meaning of every piece I make. It is important to me that they know what they are wearing”.

“One of the most beautiful designs that is closest to my heart are the wedding rings because of their moral value, the bond that it implies especially to their owners, we can say that it is the most important piece acquired by women,” she said.

Her designs significantly depend on her customers. She focuses on what the customers want, as she also works on other designs that combine tradition and modern with renovated touches. These designs are highly competitive and on a great demand by her clients.

Her focus at the beginnings was women’s jewellery, but over time she decided to make men’s jewellery as well. “I received many questions about men’s jewellery especially gifts for occasion. I discovered that men have a unique taste for jewellery,” Sara said.

“The development process will continue, God willing, there are plans that I look forward to and work to achieve in the next phase. I hope that I will always meet the high expectations of my customers,” she said.

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