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Take care street vendors, not chase them away

The leadership of the country is encouraging self-employment among the people. This is the most wise and prudent idea. The leadership, with the help of the concerned authorities, is also providing all sorts of support to self-employment. But it is unfortunate that the municipalities are chasing street vendors and removing their traditional stalls. Photos of such activities go viral on social media also. The vendors seek help but there is nobody to heed to their calls. They also do not get any relief from these erroneous measures taken by the municipal authorities. They are also not getting any alternative. This is causing resentment, grief and pain.

There is no doubt that entrepreneurship and independent work is being motivated and encouraged by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, as is evident from his speeches and directives. He has always stressed on its importance. He knows that the future of the country is bright, provided every citizen is given the opportunity to serve the nation in a manner which suites them. But what municipalities are doing with the street vendors contradicts this approach. Instead, these authorities should provide them alternatives for what they are doing for their livelihood.

It is their hunger and poverty which has forced them to sell on streets. If we talk to them, we will find that they never wanted to work like this. But they do not have any other means to meet their day-to-day needs.

As a society and as municipal bodies, we have to understand these cases and appreciate their hard work. We must laud their integrity that they are willing to face these hardships. They do not deserve to be hunted and hounded. If we do that with kindness, affection and respect, this will stimulate their fertile and creative minds which would ultimately lead them to innovative ideas. This is appropriate for them for the larger society in which we live. For every small initiative, we must develop appropriate ground.

In other developed countries, the importance of taking care of the young generation is realized. Special kiosks are set up for them. This leads their creative minds to think about further development. They are always optimistic about their future as they get full care from the concerned authorities. Unfortunately, we are not doing this.

We should realise that the youth of the country were waiting for their train of employment to take them to their rosy dreams. They now feel that it is delayed or canceled. They have opted for independent work and have forgotten the train to come. They have indulged in entrepreneurship. Isn’t it the right time to make them learn the general situation the country is passing through and appreciate their independent efforts?

The concerned departments of the municipalities should take up the approach of encouraging and regulating these independent works and support these sellers, setting up their stalls instead of hounding them out of their livelihood.

These street vendors should also be on their map. They deserve to be taken care of to ensure their better future. Despite all this care and concern, if they ignore rules and regulations, then only a strict action should be taken against them.

We hope that the municipal authorities will deal with these young people with compassion and kindness, help them in their efforts for their livelihood. They should be provided alternative means so that they can meet their end.

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