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Painting abstract dreams


RIOT of colours! That’s what a Sudani artist in Muscat who paints normal and digital abstract art with his love for environment and nature.

Abdelrahman Saad prefers abstract art to express his deep feelings through acrylic art which he is fond of.

This he says reminds him of the printing ink that he used to smell before reading any new books. “The smell of acrylic leads me into the world of painting, his first love,” he says.

Saad loves to dabble with colour expressing his high sense of abstract art which he takes as an expression of nature and beauty. Majority of his artworks are acrylic on canvas. He loves the painting because it changed his life for the better, he paints dreams that maybe one day turn true.

He has also dealt with expressionism, surrealism and abstraction. However, the majority of his works are abstract, showing the artistry of colour and its overlaps and ambiguity to discover cosmic beauty.

His recent public exhibition saw 60 works of his art of his recent works evoking an amazing response.

Saad appreciates colour and its manifestations and plays with it to create a world full of joy, transcending the world’s cosmic sorrows to reach the spirit of things. He extracts rich details from them, producing some brilliant ideas of artwork.

Saad appreciates colour and plays with it to create a world full of joy, transcending the world’s cosmic sorrows to reach the spirit of things.

‘Soul of Colours’ was his maiden solo exhibition held at Art & Soul Gallery hall at the Water-Front in Al Qurum, Muscat last week.

The exhibition was characterised by the contrast of cold and hot colours and mixing them with high-quality methods that show the artist’s ingenuity in choosing them to meet.

Saad uses many different items for painting as water colours, oil, soft pastel and acrylic.

Notable among his recent exhibition canvases on acrylic include those titled ‘Core of Fire’, ‘The Goldish Darkness’, ‘Strength of dual’, and ‘Vanishing of Faces.’

In ‘Vanishing of Faces’, the artist aims for substitution in the world of life that can be ruined by man as a result of his greed, which cancels out and tyrannizes the other.

His work on ‘Dualism,’ deals with the second meaning of life, as individuality cannot continue in today’s world, dualism works to enrich and develop existence in order to preserve it and build the beauty of the universe.

While in ‘Goldish Darkness,’ it is the beginning of there being hope to get out of the darkness of life, to its vast spaces.

“It is the transition from the stage of nothingness to the joy of the bright, creative light that floods us with love and humanity,” he adds.

Saad has participated in a number of exhibitions and publishes his paintings on his Instagram and Fine Art America accounts.

Saad plans to hold an exhibition during February-March in Muscat and also participate at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (TOAF) in July and the Munich art exhibition in September later this year.

He has set up his own art website supported by Fine Art America where art lovers can purchase his canvas prints, framed prints, and more featuring artworks.

A budding writer, Saad has so far published ‘Rally at the Shadow of the Poem’ in 2014 in Lebanon and ‘Emancipation,’ a collection of short stories in 2012 in the UAE.

Saad passed out from Khartoum University in 2000 with a BSc in Chemistry and Botany but his inner love was towards art and poems which he has expressed through his works.

Since 20016, he is a resident in the Sultanate of Oman and works as the Quality Manager at Safi Global Water Company which manufactures bottled drinking water under the brand name Jibal Mazoon in Al Al Khaburah. His Instagram handle is rahmiarts.

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