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To be a different person!


We usually hear some people preach that forming new habits is not impossible but while it may come easy to some, it can be really tough for other individuals. For me, however, I treat this like a dream. When you decide to start forming a habit, get past the first phase first especially the hard part and continue doing it in the coming days, months or years.

Lots of people throw themselves doing something new in the hope of developing a new habit. Without a proper strategy, however, a lot of them fail as well. But why is it that most people fail to develop a new and productive habit, something that affects our lives greatly in the long run?

I believe the failure rely on individuals doing certain things not being conscious about their decisions. In this struggle for a much better life and habit, your fate is largely in your hands.

Let's take brushing for example. For a lot of us, we've developed the habit of brushing our teeth before going to bed that it no longer feels like a hard task. It is so ingrained into our system that it becomes more of an automatic function rather than a laborious ritual. It is, therefore, possible to form a new, long-term behavioural pattern but we have to uncover first how to make it a laborious task but rather as an automatic function. +

People who have high self-control are able to develop new habits faster. Not that they are special but it all boils down to mentality and the ability to break down processes. For people with high self-control, they are not distracted from their target as often or as effectively as the rest of us!

What I am trying to emphasise here is that personal change is not impossible. Most people can change their habits and create new ones if they set realistic goals and are able to create cues and rewards that effectively encourage repetition. Much of that involves manipulating the conditions of your existence that you can influence.

In the end, before you decide that you failed, it will likely be worth coming to terms with who you are as a person. What you can actually do for yourself during this year for instance and to improve your life probably won’t involve spontaneously giving up daily exercise. This might include more careful attention to reading or drawing may be - for example - things that you really like and maybe good for you.

Dr Yousuf Ali Al Mulla is a physician, medical innovator and a writer.

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