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Podcast: Green Ment- how to hold onto New Year Resolutions

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On this edition of Green Ment, Lakshmi Kothaneth speaks to Dr Hamed al Sinawi, on why we give up New Year Resolutions so easily. Find out how one can fulfill the resolutions. Listen to the most recent episode of Oman Observer podcast: Green Ment- how to hold onto New Year Resolutions.

​​​​​​​We are in the middle of January 2022 and are you keeping up with your new year resolutions? Or have you given up so soon?

Find out how you can keep up with the resolutions throughout the year, if you want it that way.

Join us at Green Ment with Dr Hamed al Sinawi on Sunday 6 pm.

People tend to wish for a better version of themselves each year. Most of the time the resolutions aim for better health.

Gym memberships, new bikes, new exercise equipment, new pair of running shoes teamed with sports wear are invested in first but after a while they are not catchy enough to keep the interest going.

So where do we go wrong?

Dr Hamed al Sinawi says, “It is interesting to note that we all want to make a positive change and seek a healthy lifestyle provided you keep a time frame so that you stick to it. So the idea is to ask, what is my objective for this year? Most importantly, how do I achieve this objective?”

So why don’t we stay true to our resolutions?

“I think it is a combination of factors. For example, most people identify with losing weight and that is probably difficult as it is not very helpful because we have to be more specific to help oneself in achieving the objective. First of all it would help if you would say, ‘I want to lose five kilograms in the first two months.’ At the same time one has to be realistic by asking, is it achievable?” Points out Dr Hamed.

The questions to ask are -

Do I have to change my schedule in order to incorporate gym timing?

Can I monitor my meal or should I move on to healthy meal or any specific diet?

Does my physical health allow me to try strict fitness regime?

Would will power help to hold onto resolutions?

Find out more by listening to our podcast, Green Ment on www.omanobserver.om or @omanposcast on Twitter and Oman Observer on Anchor.

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