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Caution must to enjoy beauty of nature


With the Sultanate of Oman’s scenic landscape, rains can become boon if people maintain caution and listen to advisories issued by the competent authorities. Spot excitement by some young enthusiasts often put the police and safety officials in a fix as they jump to danger without realising the consequences.

Rains turn the country into a place of added scenic beauty with mountains and wadis in the middle of the cities. This is all due to the balance being applied while doing world-class development and conserving the environment.

Take the example of recent rains. Some 120 millimetres of rain caused many wadis to overflow and created temporary waterfalls here and there. Amid artificial waterfalls seen generally in other GCC countries, it becomes tempting for everyone to come out of their houses and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The two days of rain caused many natural waterfalls in many parts of the country. Drive to any mountainous road and one can easily find water flowing from the rocks. At some places they were moderate while at many other they flowed like natural waterfalls.

“I drove down to Jabal Shifa road for some work after the rain subsided. It was beautiful all through as I was driving in the middle of mountains. The drive on this route has always been a pleasure, but the rain added value to it. It made the green patches greener and there were views of water coming from the rocks,” said Ali Masood, a civil engineer by profession.

However, some fatalities that happened during the rains, are reminders for everyone to maintain patience and listen to the official announcements.

“Some level of patience is necessary for everyone, because it is not possible for the regulating authorities to be present at every nook and corner when rain starts. We maintain maximum caution and alert people through social media, and other media channels to be alert and do not venture without verifying the water level in the wadis adjacent to their localities,” said an official associated with Met office.

Watching flow of water from top was mesmerising for many particularly around mountainous areas of Jabal Shams and Jabal Akhdhar. Both the places are attracting tourists for those who love snowfall and cold climate.

Not with current rain, but rains in Dhofar Governorate generally create many natural waterfalls in the governorate. A recent rain in the governorate created not less than 20 small and big waterfalls between Salalah and Hasik.

“The in thing, however is patience and following weather advisories when it rains. Due to mountainous terrains it becomes difficult to predict water level on roads and it has been noticed that the rain water coming from the mountains changes its course under the impact of pressure and current,” said Mohammed ba Omar while agreeing that rains bring special charm to Sultanate of Oman’s mountains.


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