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Voices - Entrepreneurship guarantees freedom of time

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​​​​​​​Join us on our podcast Voices @omanpodcast, Anchor - Oman Observer as well as on our website on January 13, 2022.


​​​​​​​On our first episode of the Voices podcast, Ahmed Yahya al Kindi, founder of Smart Work, commented on entrepreneurship.

His story is interesting because he did not wait for college to try his hands in the business. He had some time between school graduation and university and decided to experiment with an online business. Since the venture kept him too busy, he decided to take a break from the online business while in college.

When we met Ahmed, he was a conference speaker and just had a few more days to graduate. He was participating in the event as a young entrepreneur.

Even while in college, he founded his company Smart Work that focuses on learning and training.

“Our main focus is e-learning. We provide workshops, training and coaching. The major emphasis is on business, financial education and personal development,” Ahmed explained quickly as we came to know he also gives free public speaking classes every Wednesday and employs students so they can also gain experience by the time they graduate.

“We provide hands-on experience. For example, we teach how to use the tools in digital marketing and engage the trainees with the speakers to have interactions.

He has an interesting outlook on jobs. “If you are stuck with a 9 to 5 job, I am sorry to say, you are not inspired. The monthly salary you receive is the price you pay for your freedom. Freedom is not about money it is about time.”

So what would he say to the individuals struggling to secure a job?

“Actually the main problem is that they have not acquired enough skills.”

Exciting and inspiring to talk to people like Ahmed:

Join us on our podcast Voices @omanpodcast, Anchor - Oman Observer as well as on our website on January 13, 2022.

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