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Win-win for operator and subscriber

The entry of Vodafone will open prospects for small and medium enterprises, and local companies in general

The entry of Vodafone into the telecommunications market of the Sultanate of Oman is a positive step. It will give more options and choices for users. The market will become more vibrant with more offers and options available. This will also encourage the consumers to use telecommunication and information technology more than ever before and in a more diverse manner than they have ever imagined.

In this competitive environment both the service provider, and the user would be in the win-win situation. This will bring the prices down and multiply the nature of services these companies would like to offer here.

There have been certain packages of internet services which were a major challenge for the middle-income groups to afford. They were costly and of less use than in other countries. Vodafone’s entry may change the scenario. The consumer will benefit from this change. There are many who are keen to digitise their work, education, health, and other facilities by using the services offered by the telecommunication companies in the market. If these companies could satisfy this sort of the market, they are going to get what they are aiming for. Understanding the market and satisfaction of all types of needs is the key for success.

With the entry of Vodafone in itself is a qualitative development which will alter the balance in the market towards what is right. This has happened after about 18 years when a new player has been given a license to enter Oman and operate its integrated telecommunication services as a competitor in the market.

There is no doubt that Vodafone has lots of expertise, technical capabilities and ability to provide high-quality services. It has extensive knowledge of customers' aspirations and the means to meet them. This has already created ripple in the market. It is going to break the ice significantly. This is going to happen sooner than later because this company has international experience and has worked in varied types of markets and met different types of demands and requirements in the world. This is certainly going to benefit our local market and would enrich it.

The required competition has already begun. The telecommunication companies are getting ready to meet the requirements. They have started presenting new offers, packages, and services. There are also other developments which are no more a secret.

The technical solutions which are being provided by Vodafone will connect everybody in the Sultanate of Oman with their future. We look forward to having unique experience of the digital services provided by this new player in the market. It is now well placed to transfer all its expertise which it had everywhere in the world to the Sultanate of Oman so that the common people here also can benefit from it. This is how we expect to realise the role information technology plays in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The decision to open the doors of the Sultanate of Oman for Vodafone was not taken in vacuum. It is under a well thought out strategy formulated for the country to usher in the new era of technological advancement. This entry will certainly support Oman's vision 2040 for sustainable development as this is the sector which connects one end of the world to another end, on the one hand, and present with the future, on the other.

The Sultanate of Oman is well placed to utilise this sector for the achievement of the objectives it has set for itself.

I also believe that the entry of a major company to the market of this size will open prospects for small and medium enterprises, and local companies in general. It is now up to them to create cooperation, grab the opportunity and grow. It is also important to note that the Omanisation rate in Vodafone has reached about 95 per cent, which is a very strong start. For such companies which are coming to the market, sky's the limit.

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