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ROP marks annual day

Muscat: Royal Oman Police (ROP) will mark on Wednesday its annual day which falls on January 5 each year. January 5 is considered an exceptional date for ROP as it marks the opening of the Sultan Qaboos Academy for Police Science.

The ROP continues to perform its national duties with high efficiency and competence which was clear in its handling of all events and eventualities such as the adverse weather conditions, the Covid-19 pandemic and the utilization of modern technologies to improve its services in addition to the many achievements made in the criminology, traffic and customs fields.

The ROP pays great attention to the grooming of its affiliates according to the nature of the tasks entrusted to each of its formations and in line with the emerging security challenges through the Sultan Qaboos Academy for Police Sciences and the training departments and sections of the various formations of the Royal Oman Police. ROP utilizes the latest training and educational programmes and the practical application that provide the police personnel with the necessary skills to deal with various security issues and events.

ROP is keen on providing security coverage and police presence at all sites through the police stations that are distributed across the country as well as the provision of the passport and residence, civil status and traffic services at the service centres in various wilayats.

The Special Task Police, a well-trained and competent formation of ROP, is always in a state of preparedness to provide support in the handling of emergencies.

As a result of modernization and development achieved in the criminology aspect, the Crime Index 2020 recorded a decrease in crimes against society such as theft, digital extortion, arson and money laundering.

The Directorate-General for Combating Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances carried out qualitative operations and crackdowns on several drug smuggling and trafficking networks.

The Coast Guard Police (CGP) vessels roam the Omani regional seas performing their security and humanitarian duty in cooperation with other military and security authorities. Beside its tasks in confronting smuggling, piracy and infiltration, CGP coordinates with the competent authorities in combating marine pollution and providing assistance to sea-goers through permanent work teams ready to intervene in cases of drowning and marine accidents.

The ROP has reinforced the role of Directorate-General of Police Aviation which provides support to various police formations by conducting patrols to monitor the coastline and detecting suspicious boats on the regional sea of the Sultanate of Oman. ROP aviation also pitches in with the transportation of police personnel to remote locations and areas of rugged terrain as well transporting food supplies to mountainous areas.

The ROP’s enhanced efforts to reduce road accidents have yielded good results as the road accidents dropped to 70 per cent and death fell to 67 per cent between 2012 and 2020 according to the official data despite a 57 per cent increase in vehicle number registered during the same period. — ONA

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