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Soulmates in life and music

Connection and communication are integral parts of a healthy relationship. People are usually attracted to those who are like them, so a relationship happens subconsciously. This is called mirroring, which is often developed in business interactions, but it also applies to personal relationships. It sets apart a great friendship or love from all the rest.

This is reflected in the things you love about a partner and the actual connection and moments of harmony you both share, but cannot be expressed in words. Perhaps, you sometimes feel like your partner can read your mind and find yourselves completing one another’s sentences, or even walking, talking and acting in similar ways! This marks a sign of a strong and deep connection, whether you are emotionally involved or have been best friends for quite some time.

Case in point, if two partners are holding hands and walking down the street, they are most likely walking on the same foot at the same speed! Such mirroring brings harmony and love chemical between the partners, reflects their combined feelings and strengthens their bonds to build a lasting relationship. Mirroring between partners could be observed in playing music, with which there is always more to learn and experience.

Though people are mysterious and fascinating creatures, a joint music playing marks a fun way to explore each other's details as well as maintains a sense of wonder and grow together. Connecting with someone who shares the same taste in music is like finding someone who has been living their life to the same soundtrack as you.

To tell the truth, there is something special about couples, who play music together. You may wonder how they can stay together and remain so well-matched! In fact, the music being played together has a way of stimulating the couple’s relationship. Having the same taste in music as someone else is like a soul connection. It is attributed that musicians connect very well and provide emotional support.

It is incredible what music can do, and it is no shock why people keep tapping into its magic. Science, too, agrees that listening to the music we like, our brain releases a hormone called Dopamine. It is the cheering hormone that makes one feels elevated, motivated, and happy. Likewise, when we listen to music with people, our brains release prolactin, a hormone that boosts bonding. All these bring us to the question, is it essential for couples to have the same taste in music?

A clear answer is marked by the couples, Talal al Siyabi and Farah Jamal; interpreting the philosophy of mirroring. Both are talented musicians playing different instruments as a living-making profession and talent alike. Started their journey with music as colleagues playing music in the Royal Band and ended up being couples and soulmates in life and music! Those couples have been spellbound by music, so it crossed all the bridges and boarders to connect them.

As music is what feelings sound like, both have been inspired by music since childhood days at school. Talal started playing Percussion and other instruments since 1980s with his brothers who were having a music band. He joined the Royal Band in September 1998 and 2 weeks after, he participated in his first musical show. On the other hand, Farah started first playing Accordion instrument at school since she was 8 years old and got employed in the Royal Band in 1994 while studying in grade 6. Now, she is mastering Qanun, a traditional Middle Eastern stringed instrument.

After years of being coworkers in the Royal Band, they came to know each other and eventually got married in 2000. Talal al Siyabi pointed out, “Reaching new grounds in music is easier when you have someone at your side who understands the concept and is ready to support you and make all hours of practice count. What makes it even more special and inspiring is if that person is a soulmate and a talent partner at the same time. She would undoubtedly encourage you musically and emotionally alike”.

Both attended a 4-year professional training course and jointly took part in high profile events and concerts and royal celebrations. They have travelled together to play in events and places of various scales including Royal Opera of Egypt, Omani and foreign embassies overseas and special concerts for Royal families. They have played music in Iraq, Egypt, UK, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and Lithuania, to name a few.

Farah commented, “I believe there is a strength with playing music together. You feel always having someone who holds your back and can rely on with the music and with life. That is why we are complementing each other with every music and song we play wherever we go. This is very inspiring indeed”.

As a future plan, both are intending to form a private music band, which could be thrived by their expertise in playing all sorts of music, including Arabic Turkish, African and Indian. Talal and Farah, come from artistic families who play different instruments, where the love for music has always been there. They found out that there is something in music that united them together through youth and into old age.

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