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Boosting country's image abroad

When Oman Air receives international awards from world’s aviation institutions and gets international acclaim, this means the success of our national carrier in terms of the services it provides to its passengers in all the international destinations. It is increasing its flight frequencies to all sectors every year linking the Sultanate of Oman to the world and vice versa.

When these international organisations and institutions grant certificates of entitlement, it is sufficient proof that the carrier fulfills all necessary terms and abides by all strict measures. It also shows that the company has been successful in passing all international standards set for evaluating quality of services it provides to the passengers and safety procedures. What they provide to the travelers by reducing their stress and hardships of traveling and making their journey more enjoyable every time also matters for these international accolades.

We should be proud of our own national carrier for the achievements it has made at local, regional, and international levels. It has practically strengthened its standing because it wanted this from the very beginning. This is the company which represents us in the open skies with great honor. It is worth decorating with our national Omani flag.

Oman Air is our ambassador in words, meanings, and spirit. It has proved that it did the job exceptionally well. It represented our heritage and culture. Wherever it went on this plant, it brought a smile to the faces of its guests. It is not easy to summarize what this national carrier has done for the country and the respect it won everywhere.

The carrier plays an extremely significant role in promoting tourism in the country. It gets tourists from all over the world, makes them our guests and brings smiles on their faces. Here too, they enjoy the services of this carrier. Now, when we admire this wonderful achievement, we do not exaggerate. We mention what it has done over a short period.

Oman Air won the title of Best Airline in the Middle East 2020 for the Business Class and Economy Class categories, we realized here that there were very few companies which receive this high honor. This is the most difficult category of the awards as it is given after direct and independent voting by those who work in travel, tourism and accommodation sectors.

When Covid-19 preventive and safety measures were audited, Oman Air received a five-star rating. This showed its efforts to ensure safety and health of travelers in the open skies. This international appreciation reflects the endeavors done by Oman Air and its continuous commitment to safety values. It has won many other such awards and certificates of appreciation.

It is the Oman Air which has taken the standards of health and safety measures to the highest level. That too without causing any inconvenience, discomfort to its travellers.

At the same time, we realise that all airlines in the world are passing through a difficult time. Due to the current economic and health conditions in the world, they are struggling. They have challenges which are extraordinary. They must deal with all this and continue what they have been doing all these years. Despite these difficult times, they have been doing wonderful jobs. This is one of the reasons they are being appreciated. They deserve awards and accolades from all quarters.

The carriers such as Oman Air are an integral part of the national economies to which they belong. They are their wings which make them fly sky high. Same is the relations of Oman Air with the Sultanate of Oman. It does not deserve poisonous criticism. It deserves a fair share of appreciation and accolades.

The efforts made to support Oman Air to play the crucial role as an economic and tourism arm of the country is also valuable. They are required to make the carrier continue to play the national role successfully which it does in the open skies.

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