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Yoga routine helps people during Covid pandemic


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Abdul Karim and Abbas al Lawati have been immensely benefited by yoga practices during the Covid-19 pandemic. The duo have praised the health benefits of this ancient practice which involves concentration, relaxation and deep breathing techniques.

Both of them were trained under Indian expatriate and renowned yoga practitioner and exponent Dr Kavitha Ramakrishna, also well-known in Sanskrit and Tanjore paintings.

Her breathing techniques and sun salutations have helped boost immunity among Omanis, both men and women, who have undergone training under her guidance.

Abdul, a banker, could experience a tremendous amount of inner energy and freshness in his mind and body through yogic asanas like sun salutations, body balancing asanas and others.

“The pranayama lessons taught by Dr Kavitha were instrumental during the coronavirus pandemic. I could keep my respiratory organs in mint condition which helped keep myself and my surrounding members safe during these stressful times,” says Abdul.

Abbas, a finance and account student, says he gained much by learning breathing techniques or pranayama through his classes from Dr Kavitha.

He has felt a significant change in his breathing habits, and the freshness that is spread throughout the day which aided him to focus more on his daily life as a student.

“My lungs are getting stronger to fight the unhealthy elements in the environment, especially during the pandemic,” explains Abbas.

After mastering the art, Abbas now goes about spreading awareness among his Omani brothers and sisters.

Both Abdul and Abbas have praised the role of Dr Kavitha who constantly spreads awareness of yoga among the Omani community by showcasing the importance of this vast subject. A number of Omani female students have also being trained under her guidance.

As a yoga practitioner, Dr Kavitha has tried to spread awareness among Omanis by showcasing the importance of Yoga, the science of life.

“I am trying to teach the king of asanas or the sun salutations and the breathing techniques which work on the physiology of the body, the endocrine system, respiratory system, all the chakras, and finally, for the health of our body and emotions. Yoga is the dexterity in action, and this is in maintaining relaxation and awareness in action which helps integrate the personality by bringing body and mind coordination well-balanced,” explains Dr Kavitha.

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