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A chance to start over!

Several years ago, I met a man with the kind of experience you usually find only in fiction. As a young man, he was involved in a serious car accident that resulted in a head injury and he suffered from total amnesia, followed by months of convalescence. The truth is that when he recovered, he was not the same: his family relations weakened, he even cut off former friends and found new ones. As his interests and tastes changed, I could say that he became more open and less aware, no longer caring much about what other people thought of him.

Oddly enough, his parents always attributed these major personality changes back then to that (the bump on the head). But he told me, remembering the past that these changes had nothing to do with his injury. Instead, it was a time to go back and recover, far from the usual routine and I might say here that it was what he did that created the punctuation mark in the long sentence of his life.

In fact, if we look at this incident and what happened with that man, we will consider how that person had a unique opportunity to assess his priorities. As if he had vowed not to take anything from his previous life as it was given. He tore up his beliefs to the end and reconstructed them. All of this and I ask him in the end, how was this trip? He replied smiling: that he became happy for the first time in his life!

However, you could notice with me ,that when people talk about life before the virus (Covid-19) for instance , their memories are often emotional: about (the old days) and during the pre-pandemic period, you might say: I love my job and I love my social life. Maybe you meant it or maybe you didn't! Most people are probably more adept at lying to themselves, because somehow it was certainly appropriate to say that your life makes you happy, right? And maybe in some areas of your life prior to the pandemic, you were also fooling yourself to avoid having your boat shaken, but then your boat capsized because of the coronavirus!

Here I tell you that it may be time to give some serious thought to those outward appearances, and be specific about which of your daily dealings have been toxic, unproductive relationships and lifestyles that have made you unhappy. So you might start by making a list of things to leave behind. While it isn't possible for everyone, it may make sense for some to start looking for a new job somewhere they'd rather live.

On the other hand, you may need to start now to think about how to re-engineer your job - so to speak - to re-engineer your life and consider your priorities. This brave adventurer - that is you - must not be someone you hear about someone else - or even indirectly, as in the case of explained friend.

At the end, is it time for you to prepare for a new normal life and better than your previous life - before the pandemic or before ending of this year. Actually, the truth is that each of us has a choice: to be the subject of a beautiful and long poem, which (a bold move), which is certainly useful and calculated. Or is that narrator, who a little terrified and too nervous to make these changes. Undoubtedly, this is your chance and each of us has his own decision..... So take it!

Dr. Yousuf Ali Al mulla

A physician, medical innovator and writer.

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