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The climbing wall.. a new challenge for adventurer


How to dream big? And how to make them come true? Some new lessons that everyone should learn about the youth of the willayat of al Hamra in al Dhakhiliya Governorate. Their momentous endeavors to make their willayat one of the significant places in the country are notable in the sector of tourism. Many projects have seen the light recently and the majority are made by individuals. For years, those individuals have watched the tourists flocking to the willayat to enjoy the exceptional weather in the summer and the cold winter. It was necessary, in addition to the lovely atmosphere, that the willayat enjoys some other services and methods of entertainment. From there, some creative ideas sparkled and lit the flame of innovation spread in the whole willayat.

of the most unique examples of being aware of the diverse visitor, Al Wadi Adventures Company installed the first-ever challenging climbing wall in the governorate of al Dakhliya, specifically in al Misfah in the willayat of al Hamra. People who have never before been able to thoroughly enjoy the beauty of al Misfah can now visit the place to enjoy the nature and also experience some challenges and new experiences climbing the wall that extends for eight meters.

Abdulrahman al Abri, a co-founder of al wadi co, says that the idea of this whole experience is produced by the youth of the willayat who supervise and run the project. “the youth have received a complete program for safety and security procedures concerning the operation of this risky, yet thrilling project.

“This Fun Wall provides the perfect introduction to rock climbing for all. With three tracks to choose from you’ll be able to test yourself physically and mentally, develop your climbing skills in a safe environment and of course, have a thrilling time”, shares Abdulrahman.

He explains that there is a specific track to children, another for armatures and one for professionals. All tracks extend for eight meters which is enough for experiencing.

“The wall was designed and implemented by a company specialized in this field, and is operated and managed by Omani youth from the Wilayat, after passing a training course in the field”, he stresses.

It is hoped that the project will attract many adventure lovers. The site is near the internal parking spaces of the town, when the tourists need a break, a complete town that includes cafés, hotels and other services surrounds the area. There are many farms where the tourist can enjoy the beauty of nature and spend some self-entertainment.

Abdulrahman have assured that the project has started receiving visitors on December 10, 2021. “there is a good turnout from residents and other visitors to the willayat. Yet, the project requires intensive promotion camping so that people know about it and consider it the first destination when travelling.

“Climbing is becoming mega popular among people of all ages across the world and is a great activity for kids to enjoy. The climbing wall isn’t just a kid’s climbing wall, though... For all ages, it develops physical strength and flexibility, helps you learn how to plan ahead, and develops thinking skills, confidence and courage. If you’ve never climbed before, the climbing wall is a brilliant introduction to the skills you need to climb safely and efficiently”, he adds.

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