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Appraisal to improve govt services

We have seen improvements everywhere in our lives due to the most pragmatic policies of the government and, we hope for more advancement which can be achieved by the appraisals

There is an established fact, of which we all should be aware, that for the improvement of the services of the government organisations appraisal is required. This is not just a requirement in our own country, but everywhere in the world. This improves the performance of a government organisation as well as their employees. This is a very important element of working in such agencies.

Nobody anywhere in the world expects any progress in the working and performance of any government organisation without appraisals. Wherever such measures are in place, the services improve. Assessment of performance of every individual employee and the organisation is the ultimate path towards progress and development. There is no loser in this way of working. The only thing it requires is innovation to bring quality in the work.

If the Minister of Labour starts appraisal of the performance of the employees of the state from January 2022, it will be real work for improvement of the services of the government organisations and agencies. It would ultimately lead to a better standard of their work.

If done so, there would be less complaint of non-accomplishment of tasks, delays and uncertainty about the time required for the work. These are the basic issues faced by the people who contact these organisations for their work.

Furthermore, it would also make the working of employees easier and simpler as they would have deadlines to meet and a sense of responsibility towards those who come to them for their issues. If this starts, it will require everybody to cooperate and make efforts to improve the working and performance everywhere. The Vision 2040 of the Sultanate of Oman also shows the vision for improvement in performance everywhere. This is the guarantee towards the modern style of function in every office.

There is no doubt that evaluation of 175,000 employees of the state is a herculean task. But it would be beneficial for the government organisations as well as the people. This will ignite the competition between various agencies and individuals working for the state. This is the best way to get rid of any weakness in performance in these organisations.

This is the most positive and progressive way of correcting things. The appraisal is the method which not only diagnoses the disease, but also treats them during the process. In most cases no extra effort would be required to make the employees, and those who contact them, equally satisfied.

The appraisal will also show the directions in which training, skill developments and improvements would be required for all individuals and organisations. This will lead to a complete change in the working in various sectors. This is what we have always looked for. The appraisals lead to liberating the work from the bureaucratic bottlenecks. This is how everybody’s rights are served in a more accurate manner. The objectives of the efforts of all sides are achieved in a smooth manner. We all know that the employees are the cornerstone of any work. If they were allowed to perform their job more seriously, ultimately the country as well as its people get the benefit.

We hope that the Ministry of Labour would take care of this aspect of working of government employees. The ministry is well capable of this and knows how to implement the idea as this will guarantee the prosperity of the entire country. These are the appraisals, evaluations and assessments which are required in all aspects of our lives then why not in the functioning of an organisation and an employee.

This will serve the objective of Oman’s Vision 2040 of which we the people are the ultimate beneficiary. We have seen improvements everywhere in our lives due to the most pragmatic policies of the government and, we hope for more advancement which can be achieved by the appraisals.

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