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If you are unable to ascertain what you are looking for, be daring enough to create one; even if it seems inconceivable in the beginning.

So was the impeccable vision of the leaders of this resplendent land who pulled out all the stops for the betterment of the Sultanate of Oman. Reminding us that no matter what strong determination is the master key to prosper and flourish. Their genuine and unwavering efforts became the reason for an array of mankind to aspire to achieve their ambitions and goals. Likewise, we all have immense potential in ourselves for doing tremendous constructive stuff. Each of us is blessed with a unique set of capabilities and some of us are even privileged enough to serve society and community in numerous ways.

If that being the case, what makes a healthy and progressive society or a community? Education, empowerment, skill set enhancement and regular contribution to society is the basic toolkit for individual progress and thereby, social progress.

Hence, social progress is only possible when the individuals are willing to grow, willing to groom their personalities, willing to learn something new irrespective of age and gender biases, and last but not the least how happy and contented we are being at an individual level. What are my capabilities and how I am streamlining them towards uplifting others? A question we should be asking ourselves from time to time.

Pandemic became an excuse for so many people to become sluggish not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Some of us went totally into a hibernation state out of fear; became paranoid, cut off with everyone. However, at the same time, the other set of people became super active in serving society in one of the global catastrophes in whatever capacities they can (of course with the pandemic protocols).

When you are so thoughtful towards people; their issues, you can chalk out ways to uplift each other and this is empowerment. We need not do something really big but by being empathetic and reflective towards our families, the people in our circle can do wonders. Empowerment begins with us.

The crux is we have our own set of enormous capabilities but we limit ourselves from achieving anything. It’s all in our heads. Some of us are good at cooking, painting, sketching, calligraphy, gardening, or photography but we restrict ourselves from utilising this positive energy of ours. We never know that there are a whole lot of people out there for whom you can be a source of tremendous assistance.

The hurdles on the way should never stop us from pursuing our ambitions. When a child takes his first steps on his own, he has a contented smile on his face, he has this confidence that he can walk smoothly or run shortly. Likewise, your baby steps towards your goals in the right direction give you enough confidence to keep going. When you learn to empower yourself, you have the spirit to empower others, and hence, you play an active role in making lives better, bringing smiles and satisfaction to the faces of people around you.

Encapsulating, how far we have come and how long we still have to go to contribute towards building a society that our founder envisioned.

So, what is your why? High time we need to introspect ourselves.

(The author is a General Physician, Content Creator, Health and Wellness Advisor. She is based in Salalah and can be reached at /

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