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Travel vlogger wonders why beautiful Sultanate of Oman remains a secret

With nearly 10 million followers across his different social media channels, Wil Dasovich is one of the most prolific content creators on Youtube. Browsing through his channels, it is easy to see that not only does he share short snippets of his personal life, he also tackles important life issues, travel and gastronomy.

Attending a VidCon in Abu Dhabi, this half-Filipino, half-American influencer would however find himself captivated by the shores of Oman and the nearly 'Martian' feel of some of the country's mountains.

His whirlwind 4-day trip would take him from the storied pathways of the Capital, to the exhilarating adventures of the mountains, the fun rides and activities of the desert and back again to the charming waters and sunset of Muscat.

"I feel like Oman is one of the most underrated travel destinations in the world. I noticed there are not a lot of travel vloggers who have covered this place which is a shame because it really offers raw beauty and amazing adventures," Wil said.

Accompanied by his mom, Charry Dasovich aka Mudra, the duo experienced not only the historical tour of Muscat but have seen both the luxury lifestyle courtesy of the country's top hotels like Shangrila Barr al Jissah, Alila Jabal Akhdhar and Desert Nights Camp and the raw authentic Middle Eastern feel of different souqs like Muttrah and Fanja souq and the simple yet well-preserved neighbourhoods of Birkat al Mouz and Bidiyah's Bedu Camp.

"It takes time before a country becomes a part of my recommended places to be on someone's bucket list. I would have to travel the country extensively first but in my four days in Oman, I can say that it is inching into that recommendation list," he said.

Before his Oman trip, Wil was in Nepal exploring the famed Himalayan mountains that had become a dream for a lot of mountaineers to conquer. That trip which will ultimately result in a two-part Youtube documentary raked in nearly 2 million views in just half a month.

Asked by one of his fans during a meet and greet what's the most memorable adventure he has done in Oman, Dasovich said that the Via Ferrata of Jabal Akhdhar has opened his eyes to the beauty of that kind of adventure.

"In a short amount of time, not only have I scaled the heights of Oman's mountains through the via Ferrata, but I also did a series of activities in the desert, from dunes bashing to sandboarding, from camel riding to quad biking. Who would have known that the Sultanate can be the home of these many adventures? he said.

Dasovich came to Oman thinking it's just going to be another country to tick on a list as somewhere you'd been to. He said that perhaps coming to Oman without expectation was the reason why he thoroughly enjoyed his time here.

"I think the reason why I love this place so much is because I didn't have expectations. I've never seen a travel blogger, someone big who featured this place that it's' almost like a secret," he said.

"I'd been to a lot of countries and I felt like this place is a lot like Mars. I've never seen a place like this. I've also never done via Ferrata and this is one adventure I would highly recommend to everyone because this is something very unique," he shared to his fans who attended his Meet Up.

His travels were also infused by unique Omani perspective of his local guide Nasser al Jabri.

His mom, Charry, who accompanied him on this trip meanwhile explored a different side of Oman. While his son was charmed by the different outdoor adventures, Charry's experience also revolved around the luxury side of the experience trying out the different spas in Muscat, the mountains and the desert.

" It was comforting to know that such pampering is accessible wherever you go. After a long day of going around, the spa offers that much-needed relaxation. Alila Spa, Mandara Spa in Desert Nights Camp and Chi, The Spa in Shangrila differ in quality but they are all great addition to a wholesome travel experience," she said.

"This whole trip would not have been possible if not for the generosity of the community that welcomed us. One of our takeaways is that people in Oman are generally nicer compared to other places. We had the chance to experience the Omani hospitality," the duo complimented.

A culinary revelation

Dasovich's visit to Oman included going to wet markets in traditional souqs as well as exploring Oman's culinary diversity.

Upon his arrival, he was instantly introduced to a Turkish feast found in the street corners of Al Khuwair.

This was followed by dining for lunch in an Omani restaurant which introduced him to shuwa, harress, and other local favourites.

"I've tried different lamb dishes but I think I found the best ones in Oman," he said.

"I haven't eaten camel before as well so having a chance to eat a Filipino version of how it's cooked was interesting to me. The combination of fat content and meat reminded me of an ingredient often used in the Philippines," he said.

Dasovich said that he recorded tons of footage that he thinks will do justice to his whole experience in Oman. With everything that he has experienced in a short amount of time, it's a well-rounded look at what people can expect when they travel to the Sultanate.

"Oman is a beautiful destination. This trip has been one of the most memorable and I'm definitely coming back," he said.

Dasovich said he will be working on a video for his experiences in Oman. For details, he said people can check out his Youtube Channel: Wil Dasovich or monitor his Instagram @wil_dasovich for updates

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