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Change your feelings..If you can't change the circumstances !

A purpose - driven life

In our lives somehow, we notice that everyone - even the most fortunate among us has some circumstances that they want to change in their lives. For example, when you are thinking about your own life and something that may cause you stress, anxiety or sadness, especially when you have difficulty finding your interesting job or profession for instance Or maybe you don't get too many friendships and feel lonely. How can you improve the situation? Your answer might be, for example: I have to move, get a new job, meet new people. And maybe-I say- that you must change the outside world to make it better for you!

So sometimes, changing your circumstances can be difficult but absolutely necessary, as in cases of abuse or violence. Sometimes it's easy to change your circumstances: as if you experience deep lethargy every morning, you'll start falling asleep early.

However, we must also be aware that fighting against reality may be impossible or ineffective . Maybe you've been diagnosed with a chronic disease for which there are no promising treatment options, or maybe you have a job you love but don't like your manager and no one will give you a new manager! So in such situations, changing what you feel can be much easier than changing your physical reality, even if it seems unnatural.

Hence ,if you consider what I mentioned earlier, you will see that it is not surprising that chronic stress often leads to inappropriate coping mechanisms in modern life, such as drug and alcohol abuse, self-harm, and self-blame. These responses not only fail to provide long term comfort; it can increase problems through addiction and depression and increased anxiety.

This fact takes us to an important point, namely, the importance of risk assessment and managing your negative feelings, which is undoubtedly a better strategy than trying to change the world around you . One of the most important strategies is to notice your feelings . When you notice your feelings as if it belonged to someone else, you make yourself better advice.

On the other hand, the idea is that you need to change your circumstances if you're sad, based on the assumption that you must eliminate your negative feelings. In many cases, negative emotions can be debilitating and can require treatment, such as in cases of depression or anxiety. But in much of life, negative emotions are part of human experience full – 'if its right to say - if Erased will make life Gray! So you should share your feelings, and ask what you learn about yourself from all of these feelings, and how to grow as a result.

In between, quietly ask yourself if you are asking the world around you for something that it cannot offer you or not! If you are, let me say, you may be looking in the wrong place for your bliss.

At the end, it is true that nothing is miserable, but thinking makes it so, and on the contrary, everything is happy if it is tolerated with equanimity. the man has to reduce his expectations of the world around him and even realizes that serving others is one of the most effective ways to raise his happiness .When you can't change the world, change your feelings like so many people have ...And you can too!

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