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In limelight after greeting in 70 languages

Naina Mehrin
Naina Mehrin

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Oman is undoubtedly a place that welcomes guests with unique hospitality and time-tested etiquettes.

Citizens greet their guests with a lot of love and affection and perhaps this might have inspired this 5 year-old-expatriate girl to greet people in nearly 70 languages.

Naiza Mehrin Mohammed Niyaz, KG student has mastered greetings in all the 70 languages and they are, besides Arabic, French, Hibrew, Chinese, Korean, Marathi, Bengali, and so on.

All her efforts didn't go in vain. Limca Book of World Records has spotted this prodigy and she has been recognised as the first, youngest person in the world for wishing in as diversified as 70 global languages in the shortest time.

"I was so excited to have been chosen for the title and I know it adds more responsibility on me to learn more and excel in life," a triumphant Naina told the Observer.

She attributes the title to her parents, Mohamemd Niyaz and Fareena Kareem who used to encourage her to do something different and stand out from the rest.

"It was during the lockdown that she started watching videos at home and was stuck upon the concept of learning greetings in different languages and she excelled in it," adds Mohammed Niyaz.

Naina shot a video of her newly-gained skill and sent it to the authorities at the INTERNATIONAL BOOK OF RECORDS who acknowledged that she is the 1st YOUNGEST Title Holder TO RECITE “HELLO” IN MAXIMUM LANGUAGES in the 'Solo Activity' on September 23, 2021.

Her two siblings, Raiq Mirzan and Raziq Mirzan too are keen on learning and they find it interesting to learn new skills including memorising names and countries and their capitals on a daily basis.

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