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Revered Omani violin performer shares love for music


Prolific Omani violinist Tahera al Balushi keeps referring to her career as something of "being in the right place at the right time" but as time was able to tell, her being selected was not just a coincidence but she actually has the talent, the charisma and longevity to foster a lifelong music career.

Tahera has been performing on international stages for over 30 years. When she was 11, she can already play entire concertos becoming a prodigy who has made an impact not only in the local music and performance industry but including international ones where she was invited to perform.

“It wasn’t a hobby. It was a coincidence that I was in the right place and at the right time. At age 11, the Royal Omani Troupe was looking for young participants in their musical shows. I was picked up. The coaches then gave me the violin. I didn’t know what was that and what to do with it," she shared.

"Strangely, I felt a connection with that instrument and it was a perfect match with a young lady. Now, I appreciate their choice for me. I have never been connected with violin more than these days,” she added.

A soloist on the Arabic violin in the Sultanate of Oman, thanks to her talent and her innate musical aptitude, Tahera was able to complete her theoretical studies and specialized in playing the violin in the Royal Omani Troupe.

Tahera is proficient in playing various musical and lyrical forms of Arabic music. “I was influenced by some great violinists in the Arab world”, she explained.

Her ambition is to propagate the talent of Arab women in playing the violin to the world. She wanted representation on the international stage that women like her can have a spot.

“There is something about the sound of the violin that makes my heart soar. The violin generally carries the melody. When well-played, the sound of the bow on the strings is a perfect medium for my emotional expression,” she said.

Tahera has performed in different stages all over the world and is a revered performer in the country. She participates in the Omani Women's Day celebrations every year. She also participated in a solo performance at the international artist Jihad Akl's concert at the Royal Opera House of Oman in 2016 and solo playing on the big stage at the Cairo Opera House in the Arab Music Festival in 2006. She had multiple participations with the Omani Oud Hobbyists Association in Switzerland, France, Britain, the Philippines and Japan. She also participated in the opening of the Arab World Cup stadium in Qatar.

Tahera believes in the power of music to heal one’s self. She enthusiastically shared, “The violin has provided me with years of joyful playing in many different circumstances. Perhaps you will find it the right fit for your musical endeavours."

She added, "I have always believed that music helps people to cure and recover. For any young woman who decides to take that step, it is worth it. It will not only help the woman to form her personality, but also give her peace inside her. This is in addition to the health benefits that one gains. Lower levels of depression, anxiety, and other stress-related health problems. Playing the violin is an excellent stress reliever and a great way to enlarge your social circle.”.

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