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An artist turns to fabric to make wearable pieces of art

By Jade Tampepe

Artists today are going beyond canvas to express their creativity. Artist Nuwan Rasika, it’s creating wearable art by using silk as his painting surface.

While silk is already known worldwide as an amazing fabric to create clothes from, putting artistic touches to this fabric not only allow him to reach a niche audience but at the same time enhances his opportunity to be seen with the wearer doing an indirect promotion for him.

He also likes what he does as he can create unique pieces that are colourful, fun and attractive to look at and make women feel fashionable at the same time.

“I have always been curious as to how I might find a way for my art to be more visible and seen by others. This is how the idea came to me to paint on fabric’’, Nuwan shared.

“Each piece of my wearable art varies in terms of how long it takes to complete. Some of them take two to three days to complete depending on the kind of media I use. The complexity of this media adds a layer of factor to my process. I use mixed media sometimes, like combining batik with silk painting and this combination takes a little more time but the result is stunning’’, he said.

“Thus far, I have created and designed many wearable art pieces and sold almost everything’’, he added.

Nuwan’s handmade wearable art is more often composed of diverse flower designs combined with bright and vivid colours and intricate abstracts with various lines and shape patterns. That is why the outcome of his artworks become eye-catching creations.

“I love the beautiful colour combinations and they are always what influence me to do something creative. I love abstract art and that has been my primary focus. Just lately, I began creating wearable art. It is always exciting to see the final outcome’’, he shared.

Nuwan Rasika is a Sri Lankan artist based in the Sultanate of Oman who discovered his love for art at a very early age.

“I find inspiration from the world around me, in everything beautiful that I see during my day. At the moment, I do not have a separate studio in which I work but create my pieces from my home’’, he said.

“I would like to give a very special thanks to Rebecca Elfverson, the owner of My Inner Muse boutique at the Waterfront in Al Shatti. She has always encouraged me to create new work and has been such an appreciative supporter. You can find my new creations at the Inner Muse Boutique’’, he shared.

As an artist, Nuwan feels that it is important to be recognised regardless of gender or style.

“I don’t believe there is a divide between males and females when it comes to art. One’s creation is unlimited, whether male or female’’, he said.

He also said that as one creates, the public should also be given to see these works of art.

Ruwan had his first solo mixed art exhibition last 2019 at the Al Majlis Art Café, City Seasons Hotel, where it was called falling with Colours.

“I have not planned any exhibitions currently but am always open to opportunities! I do not currently host any workshops but for those who want to learn, learning materials are very accessible now online, especially Youtube’’, he said.

“My mantra is to see the beauty in everything around me. Admire it. The universe will always treat you in the very best way it can. As a simple person, what I most appreciate is my self-satisfaction. I create things and treat myself first to be happy and then share and give that happiness to the world’’, he said.

To know more about Ruwan and his creations, follow him on Instagram: @nuwanrasikapa.

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