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Italian street artist battles racism by turning swastikas into cupcakes

The Italian street artist Against racism turns nasty graffiti into food.

The 39-year-old artist calls on me to take care of my city by replacing hate with delicious things to eat — a symbol of hate that is popular in Italy. He says that like the name “Moresider” is his most famous artist, Pier Paolo Spinazze, and the name “I’m a nonstop food writer.”

On the outskirts of Verona, after a sunny morning, he had been warned by one of his 363,000 Instagram followers that there were swastikas and racist slurs in the small tunnel.

He turned with his signature straw hat and sausage necklace. He took off his bag of spray paints and began to work, tying cars in frenzied direction.

This was the turn that the artist created the art paintings in the tunnel, which each took around 15 minutes. One artist scanned the wall and waved at the murals, forming a large red tomato. The mural took a different look and felt what his work was like.

Human rights groups warned of widespread racism following the migration of Africa from France in recent years. Fascist culture and dictator Benito Mussolini have no skeletons.

Since he became a real-time celebrity in Verona, he made enemies and threatened: “Cibo sleep with the lights on!” Someone spray painted the wall and said that the threat would become the ingredients of a gnocchi recipe.

“The end of dealing with extremists is never good; because they are violent people and use violence, but they are very ignorant, Spinazze said. “It’s important to rediscover values that we may’ve forgotten, particularly anti-fascism and fight against totalitarian regimes that originate from the Second World War,” he said. “We must remind ourselves of these values.”

Our standards are the following: Our standards: The good of ours: Ours. — Reuters

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