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Jobs for nationals gaining momentum

There is an additional focus on development of local skills, training, capacity building and capability development

The Sultanate of Oman is facing the same economic and health circumstances as many other countries around the world. They have implications on public and private sectors which have adversely affected revenues. Despite all this, the recruitment of 35,000 nationals in both these sectors during the last nine months of this year is an extraordinary development. It shows that the Ministry of Labour is seriously implementing the policy of Omanisation in word and spirit at various levels.

This will ultimately result in stability and a sense of security among the national cadre in the country. The ministry is implementing strategies to ensure that skilled and qualified people get jobs in all economic activities. The speed with which the government is implementing the recruitment drive is highly satisfactory. This will certainly instill confidence among the citizens of the country.

Whatever has been achieved so far this year, was not possible without huge efforts made by all sides and cooperation and coordination of all public and private sector organisations. This also shows that the aspirations of the people of the country were never overlooked.

There is no doubt that the figures published by the Ministry of Labour regarding its performance during the last nine months clearly explain the ratio of appointments in each sector. The public sector, with all its organisations, absorbed more than 19,000 male and female employees. The private sector hired more than 8,000 nationals who did not have any previous experience. More than 1,000 were hired under various initiatives of the Ministry of Labour and more than 6,000 jobs were filled by those who were trained and qualified as interns in various companies and institutions.

The country has faced several hardships and litmus tests one after another in the past two years which have adversely affected the job market. But every time, it emerged stronger thanks to the wise leadership of the country.

There is a decrease in the ratio of the foreign workers in the country in the last 9 months by 7.6 per cent compared with the same period last year. Perhaps, this was due to the economic circumstances everywhere in the world of which the Sultanate of Oman is also a part. This has also led to the national workforce increasing in the country.

The ministry has succeeded in saving the jobs of 45,000 citizens. This shows that the ministry is working on more than one level to address labour market imbalances caused by the pandemic. From focusing on education of the people to be able to be absorbed in the job market, thinking about innovative ideas so that more and more from among them are hired as well as regulating the current work opportunities is a herculean task.

Everybody should keep in mind that the work culture in the country is drastically changing, and is always looking for alternative means so that the economy ultimately bounces back. The challenges are the same. But the method of dealing with it has changed.

There is an additional focus on development of local skills, training, capacity building and capability development so that the new generation is fully prepared to push the wheel of economic development further. This requires the internal urge of every citizen to be ready for building their future. The government can only guide and provide resources required for this. With the Ministry of Labour in the forefront, the government has proved that it has the will and the way to make people of the country embark on a brighter future.

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