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How building Harry Potter’s world conjured its own school of magic


Surrounded by “Daily Prophet” front pages and books from the magical world of “Harry Potter,” the graphic designer Miraphora Mina holds an envelope which many children who surely wish to receive.

It is of Hogwarts, the school for wizards, and is addressed to a certain “mr Potter, The Cupboard Under the Stair, 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey”.

“That was very first prop that I was able to design on ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ and the whole series, rather naively thinking it would just be one simple envelope,” Mina told Reuters. “We required a large number of (more) people, so I decided to go through the process of analyzing the material in the first place.”

The film entitled The Philosopher’s Stone was released yesterday on The Arts in the United States, in which the writer created J.K. Rowling’s magic world exploded in a long, wonderful journey of a tyrene, a life-changing journey spanning a tyrannical, high-energy realm.

As with the actors and the filmmakers, they were found in a strange place, the train-ride from London - the Leavesden Studios in Britain - where they learned to make magic.

The studios became a kind of Hogwarts, where people came in and learnt their craft, until their 10 years of being involved,” said Mina.

The filmmakers knew that it had to make all the magic a reality. Rowling’s books were already a sensation before the first film was made.According to Nick Davis, who was the visual effects supervisor on the movie, a man teasing me and running people on balls in a game like you said, “How do you fly people around on broomsticks to play a game?

An eighth film “Harry Potter” in the movie “Fantastic Beasts” is due soon.

The film was special because a multitude of effects was achieved by hand using sets, props and models and the old-fashioned magic enlisting as the director of Chris Columbus’s original vision of Harry Potter. And the synthesis of artistic perfection is a very common skill.

“It was 21 years ago, CGI wasn’t exactly where it is today, we wanted to all this we did”, explained Richardson p.v., who had special effects supervisor.

He was really up for that, and I think that the first films have a lot of reality and the magic to them. Because we did everything in the camera, we couldn do that.”

A school that started after children learning lessons from the teachers in tents forced abandon and re-adventure. Thousands of children, all dressed their costume gowns, put on the huge studio set of the Great Hall.

“Oh my goodness, you’re in Hogwarts.” — Reuters

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