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Omani wheat enters the market!

Soon you will realise that a product has already entered the market and became a national trademark and a big brand

It is a matter of delight that an agricultural product from this virtuous land is being launched in the market. It is of high quality and better taste. This is in addition to other crops like pomegranates, roses and various agricultural crops.

Soon you will realise that a product has already entered the market and became a national trademark and a big brand. All citizens and residents prefer to buy the local products. Not only this, it will also enter the markets across the world soon. The Omani wheat is ready to become part of our food basket. This was a dream which has now become a reality with the signing of an agreement last week between the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources with the Oman Flour Mills to buy 300 tonnes of wheat crop for the year 2022.

The produce of wheat reached 2,649 tonnes in the season of 2020-2021 which was an increase of 19 per cent over the previous season. The number of farmers who grow wheat in the Sultanate of Oman stood at 3,067. It also has registered an increase of 5.5 per cent. The area on which the wheat is cultivated in country jumped to 2,449 acres, which is an increase of 19.6 per cent over the previous season. There is no looking back. Because there is good harvest, more and more people are now entering into this area and more and more lands are being utilised for the purpose. All these indicators mentioned above show growth and the interest to produce wheat has also gone up.

Oman Flour Mills has taken the responsibility of marketing the wheat produce of citizens in various governorates of the country as a distinct trademark and brand. It is an indication of great agricultural renaissance which has already started in the country. The company is focused on the local agricultural produce to ensure food security in the country. It is the partnership between the public sector and the private sector which is making these achievements possible. Both these sectors complement each other in their efforts in making the country self-reliant in agricultural products. They will jointly make sure that Omani wheat also became a world known brand as many other brands and trademarks of the country.

The Sultanate of Oman is one of the countries which have a dry climate required for such agricultural produce. It needs cold weather and an abundance of water. The authorities concerned also support farmers as they are the main source of food security and become self-reliance in agriculture. The wheat they produce is of high quality and tastes better. The way they are being packed and presented in the market will help the country emerge as a major wheat producer.

The consumer prefers better quality and superior taste in his food basket. It is an experience others should also do. Quality and taste are the characteristics on which local farmers should focus to emerge as the most preferred producers. It is not only wheat there are many other agricultural products which have become a brand name in the world. The wheat is new to the genre and will soon emerge as most prominent among its categories.

These are the efforts of every individual farmer, the institutions formed by the government to promote this, under the auspices of the ministry. The role of Oman Flour Mills is most important due to the significant job it is doing to support local wheat crops.

Indeed, these are many incentives announced by the ministry and authorities concerned which work as confidence boosters for farmers. They deserve it. Every helping hand towards them is worth appreciating. What the ministry has done for this segment of our society is unmatched. Similarly, nobody had expected the Oman Flour Mills to enter into partnership and this proves to be very promising for the food security of the country.

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