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International standards determine fuel quality

What is being said on social media is nothing but inaccurate reactions which lack credibility

The production of petrol and all its byproducts is a very precise process. It is subjected to internationally recognised technical standards which do not accept any defect or change in the composition of the final product. There are clear standard specifications approved by local and international authorities.

Therefore, none of the players involved in the production process can violate standard specifications of their products for many national and international considerations and obligations. They have well defined responsibilities and duties in this regard. Above all, they have to take care of their reputation, which develops our confidence in the authorities and organisations. We have confidence in the government organisations and authorities with regard to the process of production and distribution of fuel in the Sultanate of Oman. We trust them as they play supervisory and control roles. We are also confident about the organisations and companies which are involved in production and marketing as they have extensive experience in their areas. A lot is being talked about the quality of fuel and variation in consumption by some vehicles. All this is being said on social media. It is nothing more than rumours being circulated without giving any scientific references or mentioning any technical standards approved by international organisations.

What is being said on social media is nothing but inaccurate reactions which lack credibility due to their being devoid of scientific evidence and exact technical proof to reveal the truth.

Unfortunately, these rumours made some people convinced that there is a problem, which the authorities concerned should take it up and investigate. Authorities should uncover the fact as well as tell the reality as those who benefit by spreading such rumours are punished. They should tell the masses that there is no room for any doubt in such matters.

The technical aspects of such products are dealt with much precision in the Sultanate of Oman as well as around the world. The production process of petroleum and its products are being monitored by international agencies. No space is left for any mistake in such things including composition of fuel products. The organisations and authorities which work to ensure that there is no compromise in standard specifications are keener about it than anyone else. They are strict about the commitments of this trade.

For those who are confused and have no information of the area, I would like to mention that there are certain authorities and organisations which work to ensure that the quality and standard specifications of fuel, as a product and its process, are maintained. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion along with OQ group took 90 samples from 40 filling stations from various governorates of the country. Then, they tested these samples in independent and trusted laboratories. Through the process, the laboratories confirmed that the fuel was as per the standard specifications specific to fuel.

The OQ group has also made it clear that it was committed to do periodic laboratory tests of fuel. It fulfills all the requirements and commitments of collection of samples and their tests, from refineries to the market or filling stations. There is no space left for compromise in quality.

The OQ group follows a strict fuel quality verification system under international standards such as EUR4 as has been agreed by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion. The production of fuel used in the country is in accordance with the specifications and guidelines provided by the Directorate General of Standards and Metrology, which fulfill requirements of all international standards in regarding fuel production and ensure high quality at all stages.

Despite all this hard-work, any effort to spread rumour and confusion is surprising. It is important that we have confidence in our own institutions which follow internationally trusted approach and standards.

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