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Thanae teases new single promoting message of positivity

After the successful launch of her album, "Between 2 Doors" in 2018, Omani-Greek singer Thanae Pachiyannaki is back with a new single teasing it's in a style that she was always in love with.

With major-changing events happening in the last two years, from getting married and giving birth to a baby girl she named "Aristea" which became her world, to facing the pandemic, Thanae said that her new music is timely because of its overall positive theme.

"Facing the pandemic was tough not only for me but for people around the world. This whole ordeal had made me think of what is important in life and it has inspired me to dedicate more time for my family and close friends," she said.

"There had been so many big changes. I got married and had my baby girl Aristea which means "the best kind." She was the inspiration behind the song and this new single, You and Me is an expression of how I feel," she said.

As events and performances are now reopened in Oman, we reached out to Thanae to learn more about her single and what's keeping her busy.

How would you describe this new single?

My new single is more Pop/Soul I would say. Embracing neo-soul I think made me realise that it fitted my style perfectly. It came naturally therefore for this single to follow that route. The album I released in 2018 was a mix of everything which could have been slightly confusing for some of my listeners. But this song reflects more on my personality and style of music.

Having been through the worst of the pandemic, this song sounds like an anthem spreading positivity. What can you tell us about the creative process to complete it?

This song came at the perfect time. I actually wrote it when I was on a peaceful trip to Mallorca. I guess I write best when my mind is at ease and relaxed. I was in such a happy space. I literally checked into a hotel room and watched the beautiful view and in 10 minutes I had my new song!

Being an anthem, I'd like to think so — a way of spreading positivity after the ordeals we faced because of the pandemic. Some lines of the songs say "There's no need to cry no more, I'm by your side. The dark days, when you were alone, have passed you by. The Chorus also keeps reminding that "You and me, we're gonna make it, definitely. So yes, I hope it is something that people can relate to well.

The music scene in Oman had its own fair share of challenges? What has been the most difficult for you and your team in the last two years? How did you cope up?

Music generally here is challenging. However, I am so lucky as I have our company "Tunes" which has always supported my career when the season is down! I also have a very strong team surrounding me, so we managed to make it through such challenging times! Pulse and Soul is still strong and we just keep on fighting and growing! Claudia our band manager has kept us solid and Rene of course after working together for 8 years, make our team even stronger!

Where can people listen to this new single? It will be launched on all social media platforms by November 26. We will be uploading it to Deezer, Spotify and Itunes. I really hope people would love it the same way we enjoyed the recording process and making it.

Everyone misses the full music and party scene in Oman. What is your hope in the next few months?

I'd been invited to perform at the Dubai Expo 2020 representing Oman as a singer-songwriter and is ecstatic so excited to be part of the "Late Nights @ Expo. I will be performing my original music with "Pulse and Soul" on Friday, November 26. After we return from the Dubai EXPO 2020 we will be performing at our own concert in January in Muscat! So stay tuned for an evening with great live music!

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