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Youth are nation’s blessing...

Designating a dedicated day for Omani youth on October 26 is a noble gesture. Hence, commemorating the day annually mirrors the government’s interest to stress on the significance of youth in the Sultanate of Oman. That is why the day is being observed with full pride and honour of all Omani youth who are sparing no effort to contribute in building their nation. In all walks of life, they have proved their responsibility to take part along with the government in the decision-making process and build the country.

Omani youth, with all the different achievements and milestones they have accomplished in different spheres, they have demonstrated their outstanding excellence to the whole world. There are hundreds of commendable examples of youth who recorded regional and international victories on various occasions. They have been presenting the incomparable capabilities of Omani youth in sports, cultural, political, social, and many other fields. Thanks to the government for empowering youth and believing in them as great ambassadors and future leaders of the nation.

As a matter of fact, the youth are in need of more opportunities, so that they can play their role and share their valuable contributions to the country. The authorities concerned with youth need to widen the scope to provide more opportunities where Omani youth can be involved and empowered. I believe there should be a dedicated group of youth experts, serving as consultants who could be contacted by any government or private entity when necessary. This will undoubtedly make youth to shoulder more responsibility and be more accountable. Always having youth onboard is an advantage and a rewarding experience.

Today, youth marks the powerful weapon of any nation. Everyone knows that youth is an asset of a nation because they are the building blocks of a country. It is a reality that the progress of a county is in the hands of its youth. The stronger the youth, the more developed a country will be. Therefore, countries which utilise their youth sufficiently in the right direction are more developed. The ability, spark and brightness of the minds of youth act as a torch carrier for a nation.

On top of this, youth are the real backbone to strengthen a nation. For that reason, youth should get proper and complete education and take part in welfare activities for the betterment of a country, and to eradicate illiteracy in the country. If youth understand their responsibilities, many problems may disappear within a day. Moreover, it is the accountability of youth to identify the value of time because every moment is very precious. Their ideas can show the country a new path towards prosperity and innovations reflected in their skills and talents in different fields.

Moreover, youth have the ability to try out things and learn from their mistakes. It has been said that “a wise person learns from his mistakes”. If truth to be told, youth are effective change-makers if given appropriate rights to participate. Discussing global issues, such as healthcare, poverty, human rights and inequalities strengthens youth abilities, shapes their views, and eventually affects their attitudes and thoughts. The processes of engagement and meaningful talks equip youth with better problem-solving skills, which will ultimately help them become effective leaders.

His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik affirmed the importance of according youth high attention, saying, “Youth are the wealth of a nation, its inexhaustible resource and the arms that build it. They are its present and future. We will always listen to them, and sense their needs, interests and aspirations, which will definitely be accorded the attention that they deserve”.

A key necessity is that youth should be made aware of their power and the role they have to play in nation-building march. Accordingly, their zeal and enthusiasm must be properly channelised to help the nation prosper and flourish.

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