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Shaheen proves the worth of Omani youth

“Young people are the wealth of nations. They are the inexhaustible resource and building arms. They are the nation’s present and future, and we will be keen to listen to them and touch their needs, interests, and aspirations, and there is no doubt that they will find the care they deserve.” -His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik.

There are many situations in which the Omani youth have proven that they are the arms of the nation, and they are the ones who took up arms to protect this country.

After the tropical situation "Shaheen", which struck a number of the wilayats of the Sultanate, and caused human losses and material damage, it also created an abnormal state of solidarity among the Omanis, who, over the past few days, launched convoys and voluntary campaigns, both in their fields, from all states to support the affected, including young people.

University students from all states of the Sultanate participated in the Weyak campaign launched by the Nama Group.

They volunteered to repair the electrical damage inside the homes of the affected.

It was clear to everyone the efficiency of the Omani youth and the quality of their work, with all sincerity and love, and in a manner that was professional and in conformity with the Omani electrical specifications.

This is a model of the Omani youth and evidence that the Omani youth have a great deal of knowledge, passion, responsibility, and striving to build the building block of the nation, which is one of their priorities, and their desire to develop their country to rise to the level of developed countries. facing them, and their achievements were attested to at the level of the Arab world and the world.

Therefore, the Omani society aspires to pay special attention to our youth and to give them all opportunities to satisfactorily play their role in the future of their country. They are the Omani youth, a continuous and endless giving, so congratulations to Oman for its youth who are still struggling for their country.

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