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Love for Oman unlimited...


The former Kuwaiti parliamentarian Safa al Hashem has always had a vigorous and emotional connection with Oman and its people. This relation has come from the depth of her heart. She visited the Sultanate regularly, and history recorded her famous saying about Oman: “Whosoever has not seen the Sultanate has not seen half of the world.” The bond becomes stronger with the passage of time.

Nobody can understand the feelings she expressed about Oman without experiencing it and seeing it with their eyes. She herself did it. She explored every nook and corner of the Sultanate and came to this conclusion. She visited most of the wilayats of the country beginning with Salalah.

She herself drove her Land Rover and crossed a thousands of kilometres between Salalah and Muscat. During her journey she stopped at all petrol pumps, wilayats, villages and spoke to people, young and old, men and women. She did all this to know Oman, not from outside but where it lives, i.e. the heart of the people. All parts of the country have the marks of her footsteps. She went from north to south and east to west of the country, and immersed herself in the beauty of Oman. She was aware of the cultural, civilisational and historical elements of the Sultanate. She loved to talk about them in sweetest terms, with respect and devotion.

Whenever we talked about plans and investments of the government, Safa al Hashem was available. She has contributed to the investments in Oman. She always felt proud that she has a house in the capital Muscat. She was always available with projects which could generate jobs for the Omani youth.

We cannot forget her as a member of Kuwaiti parliament. She spoke there with all eloquence which was given to her by Allah. She always gave examples of the beauty of Oman for its nature, cleanliness and good organisation. She always had good words about Omani traffic rules. The coasts and cliffs of Oman and its greenery always enticed her as is evident in her statements.

At the time of the recent crisis to which the country was exposed, Safa always praised the societal and extraordinary support of the citizens to each other, and how they made an example for others.

She always urged Omani women to pursue the occupations of their fathers and grandfathers. In her words, they are worth it and they should not be lost. Safa al Hashem never lived in vacuum. She talked about what she saw and experienced.

Writing about Safa al Hashem and describing her nature and standing in few hundred words is a herculean talk. Even if we do, we can’t do justice with her and her personality. The only thing, I would like to say about her is that the planet earth needs people like her to live and grow. Wherever she went in the country she was adored with love, and affection for her passion she nurtured. She lived in Oman and talked about it. She is a friend of the country indeed.

This unlimited love was neither baseless nor meaningless. The Sultanate has always been an attraction for all. The cultural heritage, traditions, social practices, natural elements and environment has always attracted many people from around the world. People always come here to see the wonder which is Oman. But Safa al Hashem was an exception. She made the Sultanate her abode. Not only a house, but it became the mission of her life. She was mesmerised by it, and could not imagine her life without it. She proved her unlimited love for the country.

Safa al Hashem came to Oman as a gentle breeze from her country Kuwait, and became an integral part of the memory of the people of the Sultanate.

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