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Yes, she can make it!

Generally, a woman is the key to quality of life and sustainable development in society and family. A woman is shouldering a common mix of responsibilities including maternity, education and family building; just to name a few! This combination of chores is actually the main factor that makes humanity realise the significant role of a woman in building society. In fact, a woman can play different roles at a time in a family, acting as a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, an administrator, a leader and a manager of family.

The mother marks the first educator of children and has always accompanied them since birth, unlike the man who devotes himself to work. As it is her attachment to the child, she becomes the one who gives him affection, nurtures him and establishes him properly to become a scientist, a writer or a doctor and other roles that serve building nations and societies. As the saying goes, “Educate a boy, and you educate an individual. Educate a girl, you educate a community.”

If truth to be told, woman stands as the real architect of a society; she is the companion of men, gifted with equal mental capacity. Overall, woman plays a remarkable role in social, cultural and political life around the world, from the very early days. Today, woman present various outstanding achievements in all spheres of life; she became countries’ presidents, ministers, ambassadors and business leaders. The importance of woman in society is beyond any doubt and suspicion.

As a mother, she does the biggest part of a child rearing and bearing in the family. She is mainly responsible for the child’s habit of self-control, standing as the first teacher of the child. Mostly, it is from a mother that the child learns the rules of race, laws, manners of men and ethics. Being a wife, she is a companion, partner and an assistant, sacrificing her personal happiness, pleasure and ambitions. Further, she relieves stress and tension of her husband, and sets standards of morality and maintains peace and order at home.

At the local front, women in Oman have achieved what women in other countries around the world could not achieve. She contributed so much to the well-being and lifestyle of their family, community and country. The confidence on Omani women had been built since the onset of the Omani Blessed Renaissance, over five decades ago, led by father of the nation, late Sultan Qaboos, may Allah rest his soul in peace. Since then, the government has made great efforts to involve Omani women in the government and share responsibility with men.

Oman has always believed in every Omani women and regarded them a successful partner along with men in contributing to serve the nation. In fact, women in Oman proved it right that they are a cornerstone in road mapping Oman’s development march. Hence, designating the annual Omani Women’s Day acknowledges women’s contribution to the country’s social, political and economic progress. As well, this day commemorates the Royal directives to tribute Omani women and appreciate her great efforts in building the man and nation.

The occasion is a memorable day to remind not only the nation, but the entire world of the competences of Omani women as an integral partner in the nation-building march in the Sultanate. Getting recognised on the day are not only employed women, but all including housewives, who should be accredited for what they have been doing on every single day for their families at home. They are bringing up kids from their first day in life, serving the whole family and establishing a well-educated and brought up society.

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