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Health survey in cyclone-hit areas

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The Ministry of Health will conduct a survey to assess risk of disease outbreaks in the areas hit by Cyclone Shaheen for 10 days from Sunday. The ministry urged people in the governorates of North and South Al Batinah, extending from the Wilayat of Musanna to the Wilayat of Khaboura to cooperate with health workers to investigate possible cases water, food and vector borne diseases, besides active investigation of suspected cases of fever, rashes as well as jaundice.

The survey will also study type and density of mosquitoes that transmit diseases using several types of traps.

All facilities will be surveyed sequentially on lines parallel to the streets and tracks (so that the geographic systems team can follow up on the work and know the un-surveyed facilities) to place traps.

Sites will be randomly selected by the geographic systems team. The data to be collected will be uploaded online or apps. In addition, the insect information and geographical locations will be linked via a barcode placed in the larval container and sent to the laboratory for classification.

The data will be analysed using geographic information systems to identify levels of risk in the scanned boxes to direct appropriate interventions and immediate control work through electronic linking to the application.

The National Committee for Emergency Management on Sunday said the power supply has been restored by 98 per cent in North Batinah, water supply, telecom, fuel supply (all 100 percent), road network (92 to 98 percent) and waste management (85 per cent).

The relief and shelter sector has urged those wishing to conduct aid to the affected areas about the need to coordinate with the official authorities. Relief convoys with prior approvals will not be received in the affected areas.

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