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The call of the conscience is supreme!


The people of Oman wrote a great epic recently by helping each other and curing the wounds and woes caused by the cyclone Shaheen. People started a national campaign responding to the call of their own conscience to do their duty in south and north Al Bathinah. This will be recorded in the history in golden letters. Those who reached out to the people of these two governorates will be remembered as role models for the coming generations as well as to others who live elsewhere. This is for their volunteer work and quick response to the needs of their co-countrymen. These people reached there with whatever was in their possession to share and bring back the life of those who have suffered during the cyclone to normal.

It is a matter of satisfaction that the people of the country have left no doubt that if there is any trouble, they will be available with whatever they have. The call of the conscience is supreme for them.

More than 15,000 volunteers demonstrated their ability to scan entire areas affected by the cyclone in Al Suwaiq and Al Khaboura. Not only this, what they did and offered was mind boggling. They were there to share their pain and sorrow at this difficult moment. They set the finest example of sacrifice in the history of modern Oman.

When the people of Al Suwaiq and Al Khaboura saw this warm national response to their hardships caused by the cyclone, they felt relieved. All sorts of help was available for them at their doorsteps to the level they the people of these two wilayats forgot what they suffered during the cyclone when they saw that common people from far-flung areas cleaning their streets, passages and doorsteps of the dirt and debris caused by the cyclone.

These volunteers reached the affected areas with material help also. They went there with every relief items from foodstuff to anything they can manage to get. One after other, trucks lined up in Al Khaboura and Al Suwaiq with these gifts which have come to them from their brethren who lived in other parts of Oman. All this was to make their lives easy after so much of difficulties created by the natural disaster. This was so much that the people of these two wilayats forgot their sufferings. Whatever has reached there was more than what they needed.

What we saw was an example of the qualities and capabilities of the people of Oman. They make history of their cooperation, compassion, and cohesion with each other during any difficult moment.

The epic which the people of Oman wrote was inspired by the vision of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik who believed in providing all possible facilities, safety and security to them. Soon after the cyclone, he ordered a quick assessment of the damages caused by this natural disaster so that citizens and residents who suffered get adequate support and their life bounces back to normal. This is the spirit which inspired these people who reached there with whatever was available with them.

Cyclones are difficult natural circumstances. Many countries such as Germany, the United States, and Japan face them regularly. There is no infrastructure which can prevent them from creating havoc and damage. They face all this, call for international support and carry on their life. Al Suwaiq registered the highest level of rain in the world. This shows that the cyclone which hit the area was most violent. Nobody can be held responsible for this natural disaster.

It is neither possible to assess the entire disaster overnight, nor possible to bring everything back to normal with the press of a button. The concerned ministerial committee concerned has asked Galfar to repair the roads as soon as possible.

There is no doubt that the country has suffered heavily due to the cyclones and other natural disasters. But the most satisfying thing is the fact that the entire country stood together and felt each other's pain.

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