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A noble mission serving man and nation

Catastrophic natural disasters are hard to tolerate as they bring unexpected impacts, damages and losses to one’s life. Case in a point, the cyclone “Shaheen” hit the Sultanate over a week ago, leaving severe impacts on some parts of the country. It has affected the lives of many people, especially in the northern part of Al Batinah Governorate of Oman. People have lost their homes, cars and other properties. We all know exactly what happened over the two scary nights of the cyclone with the sky raining cats and dogs!

The cyclone’s aftermaths were heartbreaking; homes were half-drowned, cars were pulled over upside-down, animals were scattered dead all over the place and roads were smashed leading to nowhere. Different painful scenarios of struggle have been made by the heavy rainfall and strong winds.

With a first-of-its-kind cyclone hitting the country, people have undergone a first-hand experience of horror movies, where they had fought to survive the heavy pouring of rain over the night.

The next morning was awfully horrible to them as they woke up on a stricken land where everything was a mess. Everything is gone with many had become homeless and almost lost everything they had.

What a shock and disappointment to wake up with in a very early morning! Just one has to imagine the situation and be on their toes! The various scenes, which we have seen on TV, social media and WhatsApp could mirror the level of impact that the cyclone has had on the lives of people.

Lots of tragic stories could be narrated by residents of the most affected areas or those who have been there. In the aftermath of such a natural disaster or violent weather catastrophe, entire cities can be displaced, destroyed and become in urgent need of help. When the weather subsides, and the damage is done, reality sets it for those who have suffered through it.

Survivors and those effected first hand by these acts of mother nature need help, both near and far. From simple donations such as food and water to medical and psychological care, and much more.

When one observes the destruction and aftermath of a disaster personally, he/she might feel the need to lend a hand to rebuilding efforts. There are many ways, by which one can help volunteer for disaster relief and doing something that makes a difference. We all can help rebuild and help others to get back to their normal life in the wake of adversity. Though, such phenomenon rip communities apart, but they come back together and heroic stories begin to be told. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

When it comes to helping others and joining forces, Omanis have made a thrilling story of rebuilding the most affected areas. Recently, they come from all over the Sultanate to spend a full day of volunteering to help the needy people. Individuals and teams, men and women, adults and children, along with the government authorities, corporates and charities, all have come together on a noble mission to serve man and nation. All have been heroes of the day, leaving all personal difference, challenges and commitments behind and responded to the nation’s call.

Heroes do not hike tall buildings or stop bullets with an outstretched hand; they bleed and sacrifice their life, time and efforts to serve the nation and its subjects. So did Omani heroes; their superpowers were as simple as sharing compassion, love and philanthropy with their brothers and sisters in the most affected areas.

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