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Women volunteers lend helping hand in cyclone-hit areas


As the country is witnessing one of the largest humanitarian efforts in the Northern and Southern Batinah regions post-Shaheen cyclone, women are working shoulder to shoulder in coordinating aid to the needy families and reaching out to the far-flung places.

These women from different wilayats and regions are rendering a well- synchronised service to families by washing and cleaning households affected by the cyclone.

"The presence of women in voluntary campaigns at the cyclone-affected areas is significant. We provide 250 meals for lunch and dinner for those affected by the tropical situation in the Wilayat of Saham. We were stunned by the cooperation and coordination of women in executing the initiative, and I believe this initiative represents a form of solidarity among the members of Omani society," said Ahmed al Buraiki, a journalist who is part of the rehabilitation activities.

Women can be seen with all the cleaning equipment, brooms and buckets in their hands, stepping in and out of various houses here Suwaiq, Saham and Musanah, while others coordinate the distribution of foods and other provisions along with men.

"It seems that young people, especially the young women, are determined not to give up until life returns to as it was before. I really admire this sense of unity at the faces of diversity," said Ishaq al Aghbari, a citizen.

"These volunteers are doing a great job at the cyclone-affected areas ignoring their other day to day tasks. I feel this kind of unity of peoples of various countries, of diverse ethnic backgrounds and different beliefs, coming together when humanity faced natural calamity, is a sight that we all can repose hopes upon," Mohammed Hameeda, an expatriate worker told the Observer.

There were mothers, working women, students of colleges and universities, newlyweds, recent mothers in the groups at the Cyclone-stricken places.

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