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Sultanate's participation in world expos


Oman is showcasing all its potentials, visions for the future, and human capabilities at the Dubai Expo 2020

The participation of countries in international forums reflects their cultural value and greatness of their history. This also gives a valuable opportunity to these countries to showcase civilisation, traditions, practices, and culture of their people to other participants. This is the reason why Oman is present at the Dubai Expo 2020 showcasing all its potentials, visions for the future, and human capabilities efficient enough for achieving progress and prosperity. It is there with each element which makes Oman a country liked by the people everywhere in the world.

There is no doubt that Oman’s participation in the global expo is significant. This is because it is visited by millions of people from almost all countries around the world. It is an opportunity to learn from their potential and start learning by interacting. It is equally important that Oman with all its potentials is making others also learn from it. It makes peace with all and focusses its potentials on development to achieve better future. This is evident from everything which it is showcasing at Dubai Expo. It clearly realises the future and gears up for the lifestyle which the coming generation would have.

Since the first trade and industry fair which was held in London in 1851 and in the expo which were organised around the world later, countries compete with each other in showcasing their potential. This is how they learn about them in depth, as a requirement for sustainable relations beyond boundaries. Innovations and achievements showcased in such events also makes opportunities for regional and international cooperation.

The participation of a country with the size of Oman in history, civilization, geography, and an international standing in the ongoing exhibition is justified. Therefore, the pavilion is a must match with its stature and size. This is because of its geopolitical position and its local and regional dimensions. It should be there and noticed prominently.

The participation in such international events should be a matter of pride for the people of the country. It should showcase its achievements in the areas of education and what it can offer to the world outside. The capabilities of its people should be displayed, and message should be delivered to the world that its people are well skilled to meet the challenges of future. If you participate in such events, you honour your own people and represent them.

Presence in such events in not a formality which is done by just being there. It is more than that. It should be in a way that it leaves its impression in the minds of other participants and visitors. It should tell them, along with all other things, that it has all vital tourism elements on which dust never settles. Focus on tourism is part of Oman’s Vision 2040 as a major source for diversification of the economy. The country is making all efforts to develop its non-oil sector. The natural and cultural elements and heritage makes it rich and distinct in the world.

If we talk about participation in all major international events to tell the world about the potential of our country, we should decide how we would convey the message, which language we would speak. This requires strategy formulation and utilisations of available skills and services.

If we talk grand about our country, we do not exaggerate about it. We showcase the world as it is. Therefore, Oman is appreciated by the world. All its historic elements and heritage should get representation in international forums. This is a duty which should be carried by all in the country. Every entity, commercial or others, wherever they go and participate they represent the country and all its cultural elements.

We are confident that the participation of the Sultanate of Oman would be successful and would bring desired results.

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