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Demand for basic science courses, especially physics, is rising


Most of the parents feel that their children study engineering or medicine and if not then management. In fact, the saturation point is reaching for engineering. That’s the reason even engineering is starting sub specialisation courses.

The demand for the physical and biological sciences once again is tremendously increasing. Especially physics is taking the leading position due to its multi specialization wings.

Importance of physics

Physics touches every aspect of our lives. It involves the study of matter, energy and their interactions. As such, it is one area of science that cuts across all other subjects. Other sciences are reliant on the concepts and techniques developed through physics. Physics focuses on the general nature of the natural world, generally through a mathematical analysis. Most of the articles says that Maxwell in 1877 who introduced the term into physics, had noticed well before then how the interpretation of electromagnetic induction was different depending on whether one considers a magnet approaching a wire loop or a loop approaching a magnet. Isaac Newton is popularly remembered as the man who saw an apple fall from a tree, and was inspired to invent the theory of gravity.

Scope for physics graduates

There are tremendous openings for physics graduates either with bachelor, Master or Doctorate. Mostly research, teaching and technical side they have a good position. Most physics graduates can join as Accelerator Operator, Applications Engineer, Data Analyst, Design Engineer, Lab Technician and Laser/Medical engineer.

Courses in Oman

In Oman many universities and colleges are offering physics courses with diversified specializations. Oman’s first private university, University of Nizwa offers Medical Physics and Laser Physics which are in good demand. Sultan Qaboos University also offers Medical Physics at Bachelor level and even PhD also offered here.

Many aspects of modern society would not have been possible without the important scientific discoveries made in the past. These discoveries became the foundation on which current technologies were developed. Discoveries such as magnetism, electricity, conductors and others made modern conveniences, such as television, computers, phones in the present era. In the United Nations Millennium Summit held in 2000, it was recognized that physics and the sciences will play a crucial role in attaining sustainable development. Physics helps in maintaining and developing stable economic growth since it offers new technological advances in many fields.

By Dr Mohammed Shafiuddin, Oman College of Management and Technology (OCMT)-Barka.

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