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Most popular apps in the world... come with a price!
Telecom companies in the world benefit from these application through monthly subscriptions

Each of us needs to use his smart electronic devices, whether for communications or obtaining a specific service, which prompts us to enter and register in the applications required to obtain the service. The (Apple Store) application comes first for this purpose, as it is the most popular mobile applications in the market among the general public, as well as with other developers worldwide.

Also, telecom companies in the world benefit from this application through subscriptions. These companies thus obtain annual returns from the entry of subscribers and their participation in accessing certain services.

Every day these platforms record a large number of new application posts for various purposes to meet the needs of the consumers.

According to the data provided by the Borja, there are thousands of new applications registered in the Apple Store and other companies annually, at a rate of 41 applications per hour and 988 applications per day. This means that developers publish about 355,680 applications each year, which individuals need in their social, economic, educational, recreational and other lives. These applications enable people to use them in various businesses, professions and leisure.

Games rank first in these applications with 247,589 applications, followed by business applications with 183,658, while education applications in third place with 179,070, while there are other applications, including entertainment (76,593).

Today, there are many factors that drive publication of new application in Play Store to take their place in the market, including daily consumer demands due to the increase in the number of carriers of daily communication devices. This has prompted developers to participate in the design of programmes which consumers need.

Because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and with the increasing number of smartphones, the demand for applications has also increased during the last period. As people are staying at home in the midst of the pandemic, this has led to a change in the behaviour of consumers as well as developers to devise necessary applications to help people overcome the crisis.

Borja data indicates that the number of applications in the areas of delivery, education, games and entertainment have evoked great interest by people and helped them overcome the widespread health crisis in the world with the presence of smart phones, at a time when everyone is working to improve standards and quality in these systems and applications, and cancel old applications that are no longer compatible with people's needs for various smart devices.

What matters the consumer here is his unawareness that telecom companies in the world make great profits at his expense as a result of paying their customers to participate in entertainment and games programs, despite their lack of knowledge that some of these programmes are offered with monthly fee, which has created financial issues for many families in paying the dues for these programmes, and therefore suspend them so that they do not have to pay new dues. Today, there are many applications in the gaming and entertainment sector which are offered through mobile phones, and therefore some fall prey to these programmes without knowing that subscription is not free but you need to pay a fee every month.

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